Some people...............

I got my first introduction to Tasha Tudor when my daughter was an infant.  Maybe before she was even born.

You see ........ I am a book person.  I am one of those people that first buys books ... then groceries.  And even now ... that I realize that is exactly what libraries are for ........ I still love the smell, the feel, the sound of turning a page in a new (or new to me!) book.

So one of the first books I bought was Tasha Tudor's ... A is for Annabelle.

My collection of Tasha Tudor books grew.  I was hooked on the charming drawings of bunnies, birds and dreams of tea parties under a willow tree.  The simplicity and innocence drew me in to a world a century old.

And I was hooked on Tasha Tudor.  A woman that wrapped herself in a hand-knit shawl and walked barefoot through her garden.  A woman that gathered eggs from her chooks and milked her goats for cheese and cream.  Her long gray hair was wrapped around her head and tied back in a scarf.  She (like me) felt she was born in the wrong century.  This was not a woman of pretense and show and glamour ... she was earthy and real and maybe a tad gritty.

She was who I aspire to be.  She lived an independent life of simplicity and knew her worth in the world. 

So today ....... I have smiled all day.  I am still smiling.

Today, a customer told me that Miss Effie's was Tasha Tudor meets the Midwest.

Some people say the nicest things.

Thank you.  :)


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