The tapestry of fall..............


The calendar says it is still summer.  But my mind and my heart says .... it is fall.  

The blooms I gather are in shades of reds ... and oranges..... and golds instead of my usual pinks and blues.

My heart wants to be cozy so I find myself decorating, re-arranging, purging and re-doing.

A wicker sofa started the adventure for me this time.

I found this sofa in late July for ... $55.  Great lines .... but it was battleship grey.  Awful.  Beyond awful.  And as you can see .... it still needs another coat (or two) of paint!

And then ..... this fabric.  

A beautiful linen that will become the cushion and throw pillows.

Then ......... I  found myself looking at this chest of drawers. 

Seriously, I had looked at this for 2 months at my favorite thrift store (And no.. I will not tell you the name and location of my favorite thrift store! You have more money than I do and I would never get another piece like this. Or the two months it took me to come to my senses!)  I just knew I didn't need it.  Where would I put it??  I had no place for it!  It was such a steal at $200. Dove-tailed drawers... original finish and hardware.  I was in love!

Beautiful beveled mirror  

Suddenly, the idea of using it to store my yarn hit me.  (Yea ... that was a big DUH!!!! moment!  It really took me 2 months to think of that???)  A little careful measuring.  Yep! It fits!

I added Prairieland Herbs dryer sachets to the drawers .... OH MY!!!! The yarn smells fantastic!!!

A bowl for darning eggs

Searching through a little antique shop, I found some Wedgewood china that pulled the colors together.

A platter to accent a wall.
There are more changes in the works... two pieces of furniture recovered, some new mats for pictures.  
But my favorite item is now on the wall.  
Done by the fabulous Jen at Onion Grove Mercantile!

Yep .... that makes me happy!!


Kelly Bartels said…
Wow, can you come to my house????
Susan said…
Love the yarn storage!!
I too am in this mood to nest, to fix, to provide spots of comfort. Now...must...make...the...time !
Thanks for the inspiration

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