Eating in Style........

Last Friday, we were lucky enough to host The Farmer's Table dinner on the farm.

Oh. My. God. Did we eat well!

I didn't do a good job of taking pictures..... maybe because I was crying too much!

This has been a dream/hope/goal for several years ... ever since I saw The Endless Feast on PBS.  I was thrilled to meet Chris and learn about his dreams of connecting consumers to the farmers that raise and grow their food.

Good food should be savored .... this dinner went slowly and comfortably.  The food was exquisite and the warm cider welcoming.  The fall breeze was cool ... so tablecloths were put to use on the corn-zebo to block the wind.

And I have to admit .... the polenta with roasted Brussels sprouts, shaved Parmesan cheese and a poached Miss Effie's egg was my favorite.  Delish!

And I was equally thrilled when Chris and Deanne asked if they could come back for another dinner next spring. 

YES!!!!!  YES!!!!!  YES!!!!!

Yes .... a good time was had by all.


Beth said…
Beautiful and wonderful.
myomyohi said…
Congrats on accomplishing a dream. Looks like fun.
You should be so proud Miss E. We so love the dinners "our" chefs have cooked for us with our meat. Such a humbling experience

After mtg you last week I am aching to see your place in person. If not before frost then definately in spring. Yes this is definately a threat. Hope you are resting up some this weekend. !

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