The fat lady prepares to sing..........

Not me ......... because .........

1) I don't sing unless I am in the confines of my car or in the shower.  Yea.  The voice is that bad.

2) I have been working my butt off.  See previous post.

But the season is winding down to the end.  Tonight's weather ... besides the barely 50 degree temperatures today and the 30 mile per hour winds ......... includes a freeze warning.  Yea ... brrrrrrrrrr.

So all of you that want fresh local flowers for Thanksgiving .... again, you are out of luck!

But it has been a spectacular fall.

These flowers were picked on Saturday the 15th.

Dahlias, lisianthus, snapdragons, dianthus and statice.

Just dahlias ............

I love the red and gold dahlias in the aqua McCoy pottery.  It makes for a cheery bathroom.

But all of this is almost done for the season .... and next week, I will start to clean, mulch and fertilize the beds for next year.  I'll evaluate the blossoms for next year's garden ... eliminate some.  Add some more.  Think.  Re-do.

Yea ..... its closing time.

Now -- the Summer Kitchen will continue to be open in the fall, winter and early spring.  I am still working on the hours and the days.  We do know it will be open every Friday from 10-4 and Saturday mornings from 9-12.  I'm currently trying to decide whether to open another day or two during the week.

But for the garden ........ its closing time.

And since, I don't sing .... and I love this song and its my blog ....... here is the fabulous Leonard Cohen with "Closing Time!" 

See you all next spring!


Zan Asha said…
Hey Miss Eff--I'm sorry to see the flowers go, they were so amazing!! But I'm sure you need a REST from all your running around...

...and now you can concentrate on IMPORTANT things like: BEE COTTAGES!! :)

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