Out! Out! Damn..........

possum.  OK ... opossum.


I try to have a live-and-let-live attitude.  If Mr. O had set up residency in the wood pile ... fine.  I would be OK if he lived in the willow tree, the veggie garden, even the back corner of the herb garden.

My chicken coop .... not so much!

Honey discovered Mr. O when he went  to lock up the girls for the night.  Waldo the duck came scurrying out as quickly as possible.  

Oh-oh .... something must be amiss!

Honey found Mr. O lurking behind the feed barrel.  Trust me ... with those beady eyes .... we just knew that he was up to no good!

A couple of pokes with a broom .... Mr O. showed no signs of leaving the warm confines of the coop on this rainy night.  Honey was off to think of another plan of action.

I , on the other hand ... have had way too much experience with lazy creatures with beady eyes.  Guys that sleep all day and carouse all night! 

(Have I ever told you about my two decades of singlehood before I met Honey?????)

I knew right away what could catch a guy like that .... a ho!  I mean, a hoe.  You know.... a gardening implement.  One hook around the belly ... a toss out the door ... and Mr. O was bound for different pastures. 

A girl like Liz Taylor has got to be careful, you know!!!!!


All good men deserve a good ho. Thats all I have to say about that.
Sherry said…
That is so funny.

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