Sunshine on a Stick..............

Late in the season, Sonya and Ashley talked me into planting sunflowers.

Now ... I'm not much on sunflowers. 

Oh yea .... they are beautiful.  No denying that.

They take up a lot of space.  They need to be cut at just the right moment. 

Birds enjoy them as do beetles.

The seeds end up in the neighbor's fields and he doesn't appreciate the blooms like I do!

And for continuous blooms, they need succession plantings. 

Which, to be honest, I am not good at. (Yea ... I know... a preposition.  There are several grammar teachers tossing in the grave now!!)

But in the fall .... when the meteorologists are predicting a cold, wet and long winter, the sunflowers are making me happy.

As my customer, Marissa said yesterday, they are sunshine on a stick.

Couldn't say it better myself!


myomyohi said…
Loved the pic. Thanks for sharing.

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