Teaching an old dog..............

If you know me at all --- you know I am not a specimen of physical fitness. 

I have always struggled with my weight.  I am clumsy.  Slow.  Not coordinated.  And definitely not inclined to exercise. 

I hated sports.  Flunked P.E. And was appalled by sweat marks on my shirts.  There have been many times in my previous life that I have owned 100+ pairs of shoes .... and none of them would be remotely considered work-out shoes.

Now .. I am not a sit-on-my-butt-and-watch-the-soaps type of gal.  But going out for a 4 mile run for the heck of it, just doesn't sing to me. 

I have noticed some serious lack of strength in my upper arms in the last two years ... and I didn't recover it this summer.  I could shrug it off ... and say ... I am getting older.  Or I could do something about it.  And since I refuse to get on that bus to Branson ... (why don't they do buses to Woodstock???  I would soooo be there!)

So it shocked me to no end ... when I decided to do something about my aches and pains.  Yea.  I decided it.  Not my doctor.  Not my Honey.  Not my friends. Me.

But, trust me ......... gyms, trainers and 20 year-old gals with 18" waists.... scare me!  Let alone the fact that any work out clothes I wear ... will not coordinate and will feature a local/sustainable/ food theme.

My friend Judy told me about a new pilot program.  Designed for "seniors", it is a program to keep seniors active and healthy for decades.  It works on flexibility, gait speed, balance ........ along with strength training and cardio.  A local physical therapy clinic was seeing lots of  injuries from gyms that were pushing too hard ... particularly women with weight training.  So they decided to do something about it .. and have created an exercise program in their facility.

Friday .. I went in for an evaluation.  I am about the youngest in this program ... but since I have concerns and have an active lifestyle that I want to maintain... they let me join.  I did .... ok.  There were areas .. like walking speed and balance ... I did great.  Arm strength and grip strength .. not so much!!!

And honestly, the only thing I do aerobically........ is knit. (Have you ever seen my wrists??  They are soooo buff!)

Today ... I worked out for the first time.

I did not die. (Though at one point, I was certain I would!)

I am alive.

I can do it again ........ tomorrow.


myomyohi said…
You go girl! Let me know if you think it's great. I have a few lbs to shed, and bye bye flap to firm up.
Michelle said…
Shucks! I was hoping you were going to point us to a program in which we could ALL participate! Well, more power to you and lucky you to have a local program like that.
Cathy, you are so right...your wrists are buff !

And that bus to Branson ? I ain't going neither, no way Miss Mary Jane, I mean Effie. Keep up the hard work and I will too.
Steve Mercer said…
You continue to inspire me, and humble me. You are what so many of us want to be "if we grow up" HA!! So many life experiences, so little time....

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