I guess cutting down the maple tree didn't go quite as well as we planned.


Dan Mays said…
I see that my ex-wife is in the area.
Miss Effie said…
BEST. Comment. EVER!
corinne said…
Dan wins, I have nothing to add.
One more tree hugger bites the dust ?

Michele Obama's organic garden turns on her ?

Yeah, you're right, Dan's comment was the best. I retract the above
Zan Asha said…
Ok, Dan's comment wins, but can I just add--when you first check the post, the picture shows up as a thumbnail, and from that size, I couldn't tell that this was a cute get-up: it looked like a real person stuck under there!! So that picture scared the jeebus outta me!! ;)
BlueGate said…
LOL! As always, Cathy, you know how to call'em!
And just because you are...well, you, : ) I've chosen you for a Leibster Award. You can see the details on our blog http://beyondthebluegate.blogspot.com

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