Rip it! Rip it! Rip it!

OK -- just one quick update.  I might be making progress with the insurance company.  Maybe.  Sort of.  I will let you know.  Things are definitely looking up.  :)

But now on to fun, exciting, interesting stuff!!!

I have been trying to fill the Summer Kitchen with some new merchandise. OK -- fuzzy things.  Yea .. its winter and those incredibly buff fingers of mine have been doing some intense aerobic workouts.

I've been knitting again.

OK .... let me put that a different way.  The more politically correct way. I think every piece of yarn I have touched has been knitted at least twice! Yes ... it has been "knit 1, rip 2"!

When you knit from your stash .... finishing up bits and pieces of yarn .... you may have an issue or two.

Look! Hat, scarf and fingerless mitts ... they all blend!!!

 This hat, for example.  I had a small amount of gold, yellow, orange, and green hand dyed sock yarn.  So I thought ... I will knit a gold band and then blend the two yarns together so the slouchy part would be multicolored.  That plan worked great ... until I ran out of sock yarn.  So I frogged the project .... and flipped the areas around .... and now, I still have a bit of the sock yarn left!  

That, of course, I can not part with cuz that's what knitting is all about. 

It's not the projects, the pleasure or even the patience you learn while knitting.

Its keeping every last bit of yarn!

You need to be able to feel this luscious yarn.  Sooo soft!
This beautiful soft hand spun (Strawberry and Cream fleece from Hedgeapple Farm) was to be a ruffled or potato chip scarf.  I started the project .... said it should work with worsted weight ... but it wasn't ruffly!  So it became a reversible cabled scarf.  Absolutely yummy!!!!  But not what I had seen in my mind.

Don't you love the vintage wooden buttons???

The next frogged project was this adorable slouchy hat with Shetland yarn from Sheepie Neighbor.

It first said it wanted to be a reversible cabled cowl.  'Cept it was so heavy it wouldn't drape!!  Gauge was right ... but it didn't drape.  Frog it!!!!

The key to frogging .... I think .... is not to frog it in tadpole stage.  No, you have to let it grow ... get legs ... and then, after you have spent.... say, 136 hours on it (!!!!) .... you decide to frog it!

So tomorrow ... I have invited my peeps to come for a knitting day.  Kneedles gone Knuts! 

And I am taking bets.

Am I knitting???

Or am I swimming with the amphibians again???


Lisa said…
What is the name of the hat pattern? Love it!
melanie said…
To use up every little teeny bit of yarn, check out the Beekeepers quilt on Ravelry. (Betcha Sheepie Neighbor could even rustle up some fleece buts & ends for stuffing so it would be a no-cost project...)
Michelle said…
Love the new look of the blog - especially the typeface!

I use up the last few grams of sock yarn making itty-bitty sweaters. They make great Christmas tree ornaments, package decorations and wee gifts.

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