And here we go again ............

A few weeks ago, I had my final inspection to become a official, okey-dokey partner site for Silos and Smokestacks.

The final inspection was done by a panel chosen from other partner sites.

One of the panel members came early and as I greeted her said ..... This house needs to be on the National Register of Historic Places.

Ahhhh............. be still my beating heart.

You know how I love old houses.  The sagging floors, the crumbling plaster, the charm of old hardware and layers of lead paint.  Yea ... I know it and I still love it.  (That is definitely why I have been certified crazy and have the papers to prove it!)

I do know quite a bit about the house.  I know when it was built, who built it and what style it is.  I know that is was built with a dynamo in the basement so it had electricity in 1892.  I know it has steel-cut nails and hand-hewed joists.

And I know that I love it.

But I am totally amazed that others see it in the same way.

And after this event, it feels pretty good to hear people praise the old girl.

So ... I have a new project.

Yea ..... it never ever ends.


How exciting for you and your old girl house ! One of the things I always loved about my visits to Ireland is how families lived in their homes for CENTURIES. Home is so where the heart is
Michelle said…
Like you need another project. ;-) But YAY for the affirmation!

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