Simplicity ....................

Yea .... it is more than just a pattern company.  (Uhhh.... if you didn't get that, then you must not be a sewing-geek.  Forgive my innuendo to domesticity.  Just a bunch of Becky-HomeEcky stuff.)

OK -- it is almost a new year.  So its the revelation time.  Time to look at your life and see what is working and what is not working.  And at this moment, there is a lot that is not working!

But most of it relates to the same thing .....

I've got too much stuff! 

Yea ... I am currently living in fear of a Peter Walsh intervention.  I swear I hear his Aussie accent where ever I go! 

(Oh wait.  I only hear it at the grocery store.  No ... it is an Australian chef, promoting an Iowa grocery store.  Iowa ... the state that has four James Beard finalist chefs.... and Iowa's largest grocery store chain hires an chef from down under!  Huh????? But that's another rant!)

I have 11 sets of dishes.  I have dressers full of yarn.  I have books, books and more books.  And let's not talk about darning eggs.

And I am becoming overwhelmed.

So I just finished Simplify by Joshua Becker.  It's a book about becoming a minimalist. 

You are laughing.  I know ... I can hear you.  And it is crazy. 

The chance of me become a minimalist zip!

In fact, when I told Eldest Daughter about reading the book, she said (best line ever!) "You do understand what the word minimalist means, don't you?"

Minimalist means reading the book on my e-reader instead of buying a hard copy.

Hey!  It's a start!


Brenda said…
I too am living in fear of a Peter Walsh intervention! When going into our "back room" (no basement, attic, garage OR shed)the comment is made to toss in the lifeline if I'm not back in 15 minutes! Thanks for the chuckle this snowy morning in SW MI!
Colleen said…
I would agree that I have way too much stuff. If you have ever seen my basement than you would second that. But, I don't think it is possible to have too many books. What I wouldn't give to have a room in my house for a library, with shelves on all 4 walls full of books, of course a copy of easy chairs and good lighting also. Now that sounds like heaven.
I went minimalist last year in hopes of moving and selling our farm. No one bought it. So now missing my stuff and rebuying collections I had started, now at a much higher price.

But I refuse to save cool whip containers. I still have some standards
FairyLover said…
Minimalist means reading the book on my e-reader instead of buying a hard copy.

I was just thinking that a minimalist wouldn't own an ereader as I bought a copy of this book for my Kindle. Sounds like a good read.


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