And the winner is......................................

Number 10!!!  Lindy!! 

Lindy, if you would go to the "talk to us" section of our website........... you can send me an email with your address and the color of your coat .... I will get your package in the mail tomorrow morning!

And  the best answer came to me by email...........  and you have to agree .... it is an awesome answer to "Why I hate winter".

The trials of winter are many:
The cold and the dark and the snow.
But people before us were canny,
Making coats and lights and a plow.

The comforts of winter are found
With mittens, wool socks and some wicking,
Snow tires and yak tracks abound
And a good heavy quilt with ticking.

But hair was always smashed flat
For my beanie was just warm enough.
But Miss Effie remedied that:
Her wool beret lets my hair fluff.

There’s one thing that still bothers me
About going outside in the snow:
With my hands holding shovel or ski,
My nose always drips til I blow,

Or I wipe my nose on my sleeve,
So Cathy, conqueror of mobieus,
A great challenge is this, I believe.
Can you solve this problem for us?

So Helen is the winner of a bar of soap and two of our hand-knit super soft face cloths!!  And since Helen is one of our regular egg customers .......... I will catch her on her next trip to the farm or meeting place!

Thank you all for entering our first blog give away!  Hopefully, there will be more in the future!


That was one great blog give away Miss Effie. Think I will copy you and do the same on my blog. Pork chops anyone?
Barb said…
Yay for Lindy!!
Lindy said…
OMG!! I WON!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU! But I'm having computer problems and can't get through on the "talk" link. Kinda hate to list my email to the world-I'll figure it out somehow!!

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