Duh moments..........................

I was washing dishes other day with an incredibly dingy, worn-out, shredded dishcloth.

I thought to myself .... I need to buy new dishcloths.

Yea .... I said that.

A few days later, I tossed out a bath scrubbie and thought ................. I need to buy a new bath scrubbie.


And I looked at my slippers and I thought .... I need new slippers.

And suddenly, the homemade life I wanted ... the homemade life I preach about .... had been pushed out of my mind for consumerism. 

I was going to the dollar store for dishcloths.

I was going to the drug store for bath scrubbies.

I was going to the department store for slippers.

And when that duh moment came..... I realized there was someone that had to practice what they preached.

You may find a few less dishcloths, a few less bath mitts and a pretty pair of pink mohair slippers are missing from the Summer Kitchen. 

But living a homemade life ... is all the little stuff.  From pillow cases to baking bread, from aprons to pickled jalapenos....... its about doing it myself.

It is sad when a dingy dishcloth had to remind me of just that.


Ryan Harkey said…
Having just moved, I feel your pain. There were so many things we had to repurchase and every one of them caused guilt. We have so far to go.
Kelly Bartels said…
I think it's great that a dingy dishcloth was the messenger! And the fact that you shared the story with us, in turn, reminds us of the very same thing.
I just purchased the movie, "Pay it Forward" because it had such an impact on me when I watched it several years ago. I thought there has got to be more than one way to Pay it Forward and will watch that movie again to inspire me to do so.
FairyLover said…
After I made my first hand knit washcloth I said I would never use a commercial made cloth again. I just love the soft texture. They are the best thing ever. My dishes were all handmade one at a time. (Not by me.) I make my own laundry soap. Make my own candles. Make a lot of my own clothes. Make my own washcloths. And I am soon venturing out into the world of making my own soap.

I love my handmade life.
Zan Asha said…
You are possibly the most sustainable person I know. Don't be so hard on yourself..you did get yourself together in the end there, right?? :)
Christine said…
LOL, it is hard to break old habits. I was just thinking I really need to go buy some socks. Duh.

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