How to eat an elephant .................

This is my slow time of year.

This is the time of year that I get to knit.  I get to spin.  I paint and re-decorate our house.

I attempt to clean and organize my house from the whirlwind season of activities that we call Summer.

I try to get my books organized, my plant orders put together, and the planting layout of the garden completed.

I look at the farm and and try to come up with creative and fun ideas.

And I teach a class or two.

Or           FOURTEEN!!!!!!!

(Seriously, what was I thinking????  And there are a few more in the works!  It does help being insane to start out with!!)

So here is a line-up ..........

Feb 2 -- Cream Soups .... Cream of Mushroom, cream of California, and Beer Cheese soup 

Feb 4 -- Chicken class at Bettendorf Middle School for their Science Day

Feb 9 --Variation of a Basic Salad ... a lunch and learn event

Feb 16 -- Cheesemaking ... mozzarella

Feb 18 --Pizza, Pizza ... a benefit for the Clarence Library Fund.

Feb 25 -- Salads from your Garden .... at Nursery School put on by the University of Illinois Cooperative Extension

Mar 1 -- Brioche class

Mar 8 -- Growing cut flowers

Mar 15 --Quinoa salad ... Lunch and Learn

Mar 17 -- Homesteading Seminar at Illinois Valley Community College

Mar 22 -- Farm Marketing

Mar 29 -- Crepes

April 12 -- Jam 

April 29 -- No cucumber pickles

And one of my favorite groups ... Rock Island County Master Gardeners Spring Series .... has asked me to teach another class.  At this point ... I'm trying to figure out if my teeny-weeny brain can hold any more information to teach a fun and interesting class!

So -- if I seem a little vague at times ....
So -- if I don't recognize you in the grocery store ....
So -- if I seem to be running late for everything! .....

Please understand that this is my slow time of year!

And I'm just trying to eat that elephant!


Zan Asha said…
Oh, c'mon! You are super-woman! You can handle this!! :) And, at least it's more pennies in the bank!

But I know what you mean! At least everyone will be better versed in food...and well fed!
fullfreezer said…
Wow! Where's that bustier and magic lasso... or at least the spandex... come on, you could do the spandex super woman outfit... right????


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