Is this heaven?

No ..... it's Iowa!

Wow!  But it feels like that to me!  Today's temp on the east coast of Iowa .... 55 degrees!

Hold me back, sistas!  I want dirt under my fingernails!! I'm feelin' the itch to plant in that ditch!

Seriously ... that is the joy of having an AARP card.  I am now old enough to know that .... This too, will pass.

There is a whole lot of winter between now and May!!!!!

But its a great time to share some of our new plans and projects.

See this tree?

Well .......... now that it looks like this ...................

It is becoming a children's garden with an edible landscape. 

Our trip to the Denver Botanical Gardens inspired us so much!  It was November .... most of flowers were long gone.  But  .... we could see the great bones of the garden.

Our goal this year .... is to "tuck" the gardens in place.  We want to hide them from immediate view there will be surprises as you go around a corner ... or walk through an arbor.

There will be more flowers......... more to see ......... more to do. And hopefully, you will be happy with the new and fun ideas we want to put throughout the farm.

Yea .... the 10th year anniversary of Miss Eff's hopes to be an exciting year.  And just to entice you a bit more ....

Well, you know how I love .... love .... love zinnias!


Not missing snow any more! Bring on spring!
Oh Miss Eff, I too feel that urge to plant. Central Illinois will be warm today too. A nice break here on our farm as we are still working on our "get ready for winter" list. This spring I come to you for inspiration!
Sherry said…
those zinnias are beautiful!
since I can't get to you maybe I can plant some in my neck of the woods.
Teri said…
So please share Cathy - what exactly does a children's garden with an edible landscape look like? Very interested in this. Oh - and thanks for sending the warmer temps our way too. :)
Miss Effie said…
Good question, Teri!! We have four large pieces of the trunk of the tree that we will shape into a caterpillar. Then I will take cross cut branches and paint eyes for it.

Kids will be able to crawl in and out of the logs. Then tucked among the curves, we will have edibles. Like teddy bear sunflowers, calendula, violas, scarlet runner beans, kale, pretty greens.

OK -- that's what it looks like in my mind. We will see what it looks like in reality!

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