A little creative license

We went to wine club last Friday night. 

And during the course of the evening, my friend Nancy pulled out a bag that she had picked up at an estate sale.

In this bag were bundled bits of yarn .... all approximately 12" long.  I'm not sure how many bundles were there .... but there were a lot!!!!!  All neatly sorted and tied together.  12 pieces of bright pink yarn, 15 pieces of purple mohair.  There was ribbon and novelty yarn.  There were beautiful boucles' and soft chenille.

And Nancy and I wondered what the master plan was.  All of these yarns... neatly cut, sorted and bundled.

I am certain that one of my last glasses of  wonderful cabernet released some creative juices and I could see this funky cowl coming together.

I started knitting first thing in the morning.  First on a size 10.5 then, after 3" of knitting, I frogged it to use a size 15 needle.  Then ... it had the right amount of drape.  And the more I knit ... the more I personally liked it.  Fun.  Funky.  Maybe even fabulous. 

But I am not known for being a fashionista!!  After all -- I wear Riders Jean and Carhartt shirts.  Farm and Fleet is my fashion headquarters.

So do you understand why I questioned the fashionability of my creation???  And the chances that anyone would buy it????  Yes ... it is for sale.  $35 and it can be yours. 

Each 12" scrap of yarn was knit for 4-6 stitches.  No knots.  Just the pieces knit into place.
And yes, you could pull on the fringe and it might end up in your hand! 

But you should know .... you don't tug on Superman's cape.  :)

Now -- if I could only remember the vintage of that wine!


Kelly Bartels said…
My, my, aren't you the clever lassie? I love it, and I love the wine haze that might have been it's inspiration. Kudos on a job well done.

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