A place to knit.........................

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this light.  Not a new version!  I love this one!

The other day, my dear friend Cynthia organized a knitting day.  Fifteen women spent the day knitting, crocheting, sewing and laughing at a fantastic bed and breakfast in Tipton.

Now -- most people would have taken pictures of the fantastic dress that Christine was embroidering or the lush alpaca that Cynthia was knitting with or the incredible projects that Robin kept pulling out of her bag!

Me ....  I take pictures of houses.  Well, old houses to be exact.  Details.  Like light fixtures and staircases and newel posts and cupboards.

Hey!  I come by it naturally.  Even the leaf and stick houses that I would arrange as a child had turrets and bay windows.  I am an old house freak.

Spear House

So sit back and relax and enjoy the view from the Spear House and Barn Bed and Breakfast in Tipton.

Spear Barn ... notice part of the cupola that is being re-built.

Foyer light fixture

Parlor light........... drool!

Great pie safe and I love the plate rail.

This was the front staircase ... and of course, there was a back staircase!

This is the upstairs finial on the stairwell.  Fantastic!

You don't need a headboard when there is this beautiful piece of architectural fretwork!

It was a fantastic day.  Wonderful friends.  Great food.  And women that appreciate a by-gone era.

But maybe that's why we are all sisters of the soil.


Zan Asha said…
And yet, I have been educated again but the Midwest(erners)! I have never heard of a pie rail--and yet, it looks exquisite. Just like I never heard of butter pat plates! The house is amazing!!! The staircase, the lighting! I still think you should work in antiques!!
Christine said…
OH, OH, OH...I need that parlor light! I love old houses too. Every little detail even the quirks like the doors not closing tight enough to keep the cat from opening them or the floors not being quite level. I like character, both in houses and people.

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