The Season-I-Hate Giveaway!!!!

I am a three season type of gal.

I am joyful over spring.  I love summer.  I am dreamy over fall.

I used to like winter.  It was slow down time. I would curl up .... read a book .... spin some yarn.  Suddenly, it is no longer my time!  We have classes, events, meetings and more social demands.

So now, when winter comes.......... I am not a big fan.  I don't like being cold.  Being extremely short, snow goes over my boots when I trudge through the drifts.  Heck -- there are many times that the drifts in the lane are much taller than I am! 

I hate getting stuck.  I worry about Honey.  It is not my time of year!

I could move to the southwest ... maybe Arizona.   But I don't like brown.

I could move to the southeast ... maybe Florida.  But I don't like snakes and alligators.

So I will stay in snowy, cold Iowa ...................... and do a give-away!

Yep!! I am giving you a chance to win some great cold-weather gear.

1) A jar of Double Fudge cocoa mix  ($8 value)
2) A hand-knit coffee cozy for your commuter cup ($6 value)
3) A hand-knit, hand-embroidered tea cozy for your teapot ($25 value)
4) A hand-knit hat ($35 value)
5) A coordinating hand knit luxury fiber scarf ($40 value)

So how do you win this fabulous prize package worth over $114?????? (Who has been watching too much The Price is Right???)

1) Become a follower of this blog.

2) You leave a comment to answer the question .... Why I hate winter?

3) You "Like" Miss Effie's on Facebook or Follow @MissEffies on Twitter.

On Monday .... 1/23/2012 ... we will randomly select one winner.

But.............wait............. there is more!!  (Guess who has watched too many late night infomercials???)

IF you have the best answer to the question to Why I hate winter, you will win a very special prize. (As determined by very talented judges that are easily bribed by cookies or a shoveled driveway!)

A bar of Miss Effie's Bees Knees soap .... full of honey and goat milk!!! And two fabulous hand-knit face cloths.

Watch for the winners on Monday morning!  And in the mean time, share this giveaway with your friends.

(Official legal double talk!! Items that are pictured may not be the items in the giveaway.  Winner will have the opportunity to tell me what color of scarf/ hat combo they may like.  I will do my best to find something that will make you happy.)


Linnea said…
You know I've liked you on FB for a long time... and I don't Twit. Hope I can still enter the contest. :)

What do I hate most about winter? Other than the obvious "GOOD LORD IT'S COLD," I'm going to go with the lack of color. There's beauty in winter, but it's so B&W. I am dying to look outside and see a flower or a big ol' red tomato!!
Following your by email, like you on FB, and follow you on Twitter.

Hate the most? The C-O-L-D, and the fact that Sis & I can't always hop in the car on a nice sunny day and go find us a new shop, or visit an old favorite, like Miss Effie's Country Flowers & Garden Stuff. {If we win, we promise to share, especially the cocoa!}
Michelle said…
Well, I'm already a follower of your blog, but am following through on the other two rules. :-)

I don't usually hate winter, but THIS winter is not good. Our two wettest months (usually) broke records for being dry, and NOW we're getting all the winter's precip at once. Floods all around; a car got swept into a creek in a nearby town and only two of the four people got out alive. We live on a hill so are safe, but it's very, very slippery-sloppery-plop. The horses, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats would rather stay inside, and so would I -- but then we're all getting cagey. "This, too, shall pass...."
I like your facebook page, of course, and am now following you on twitter. What an awesome giveaway!
What do I hate about winter? Showers. I can never make it from the stall to my robe fast enough. Combine the freezing air with the fact that it's dark as death out there and I become a bath girl.
Nothing that some cookies can't fix, though. Hope you're enjoying less snow today than we are! xo
Barb said…
I don't hate Winter too much. But there IS one thing I hate.....hauling water. Years ago we had plumbers redo a faucet by the house to be a "frost free" faucet meaning that we could have access to water all winter long. Our eyebrows went up when we saw that they were running the piping to the NORTH side of the house directly in line with the cold, old NW winds that swirl around that corner!!! We suggested that maybe they could put the spigot on the east side of the house and we could protect it with a bale of straw or some thing like that. Their reply was, "But then the water has to go around a bend in the pipe!". Excuse me, but doesn't water do that pretty easily?!?!? Anyway, they wouldn't budge. So now we have a frost free spigot that freezes every winter and I have to haul two to four 5 gallons buckets into the house, to the downstairs bathroom and fill them from the bathtub. I am short as well and I try my best to get the buckets out of the bathroom , down the hallway, into the kitchen, back porch, back steps and sidewalk without slopping water all over and creating a skating rink. This rarely happens so the pant legs of my coveralls are all wet. And...when it is as cold as it is now, they freeze rather quickly. It feels like I am walking around with two additional 5 gallon buckets on my legs. It's a challenge to get them off when I am done with chores because they won't bend!! I have to stand on my tiptoes to extract myself from them, then they just stand there on their own. This is how I start my mornings before I go to work and massage for 12 hours!! This is the "hate" part of my winter season. Ok, now that I am all steamed up over this I had better go have a cup of Jasmine tea and calm down. Besides..chores are done for the morning and the wee flock didn't need water this morning. :O) Blessed Be!!

Oh, and I already "Like" you! Who wouldn't. :O)
Farm Girl said…
So much I coould say about HATING WINTER but I am going to tell you what I have LOVED about this winter.

I get together with some of the coolest people I have ever met. And we knit, crochet, and just hang out. And I am going to tell you that these gals are AWESOME! And the hostess is a doll This little knitting club has really made me LOVE this winter because this would never happen in nice weather.

I know I am not going to win the hat but this is too good to not share.

You should try something like this Miss Effie!
Anonymous said…
I am now a follower and liked you on facebook. Boy do I hate winter and only because it lasts too long. It is were just a month I could take the cold and snow. I get cold so easily.
Kendra Gale said…
I followed on email & twitter!

I hate the drifts I have to climb over, and the wind that sandblasts my face with snow and throws the hay back at me when I`m feeding horses. I hate the dangerous roads that ruin plans and cause endless worry.

But I love curling up with a pot of tea and a good book or my laptop for an afternoon of reading or writing. I love watching hockey in the evening, with my Gram and my aunt, my hands busy with my latest crochet project.

Mostly though, I love daydreaming of spring.
Kelly Bartels said…
I am one of your blog followers.

I have 3 reasons I hate winter...One: it's too dark for too long and I end up leaving for work in the dark and coming home in the dark.
Two: Lack of lambs to cuddle, so serious sheepy time is lost due to the temps keeping me away.
Three: This is the time of year that I always seem to lose a dear loved one. Jan/Feb just seems to be a time that happens. (sigh)
Lindy said…
I'll try & not be snarky. I used to think these winter storms were exciting back when I could stay in the house & watch out the window.
Now we run a dairy farm & while the baby calves are cozy in their hutches I'm NOT as I'm standing out there holding their bottles.

And I also am short but I LOVE those Bogs boots that stretch & cling to my calves.
HATE the wind blowing straw & hay in my face. Love the cozy heat in the parlor. Hate when it drifts so high (last yr.) that the animals can walk over the fences!

Love your blog & hope next summer to visit you. Wish I could learn to knit & since I don't I'd love to be a winner!!
Lisa L said…
I like you on fb and follow your blog as well...I live vicariously through you!! I hate winter because my husband is a truck driver and I worry constantly whenever the weather is icky! I know he loves what he does, but during winter I sure do wish he had a different job!!
Sue Mercer said…
"Why I hate winter" can be described in one word- FEAR! I fear the loss of control as I gently goose the truck into the driveway. I fear walking across a parking lot knowing that if I fall no one would miss me until after the meeting. I fear for my loved ones travelling, and offer prayers of intercession when I hear of traffic accidents. I fear my elderly parents will made ill-advised decisions to get to church on questionable roads. I fear- even though my bible shows me again and again to "fear not". I hate winter because it strips me of all I think I am; and blatently shows me what I could be. It humbles me and shows me how much more I need to practice my faith. I pray for the day that I can give up the fears, and trust. Like the seasons, I am a work in progress!
Colleen said…
I have followed your blog for a long time, liked you on facebook and then just now followed you on Twitter.

What I hate about winter, I am sorry to say, but mostly I like winter, there is no humidity. In winter when you are cold you can always add a blanket or sweater, but there is only so far that a person can strip when they are hot. I also love crawling under the nice warm flannel sheets and several blankets on my bed. I also enjoy all of the wonderful comforts foods that one makes in the winter.

Now as for what I don't like, I hate driving home from work when it is snowing out and the roads are bad. Thankfully that only happens a few times a year.
FairyLover said…
I follow your blog and I'm now signed up to receive it through email so I don't miss a thing.

FairyLover said…
I Like Miss Effie on facebook.

Kathi Weiss
FairyLover said…
When I was younger I loved winter. I loved the snow and laying outside. I even loved walking on top of the taller than I was Iowa snow drifts. But not any more. As I am getting older I don't get around as well as I used to. The bones ache when it gets cold. Walking on snow and ice terrifies me. The blood doesn't circulate like it once did. Now I am cold from October until May. Even sitting next to a wonderful fire with a blanket over me, I'm cold. The glare off the snow hurts my eyes. The car is hard to start and when it does start you have to sit for half and hour for it to warm up enough to drive. I only go out when I have to. I hate all of it. The winter holidays depress me. With my family all over the country I don't get to see them often. My kids are all busy with their own families so I spend the holidays with my husband's family and feel alone. I'm trying real hard to think of one thing about winter that I like. But I just can't. I really really hate winter. I miss green. Plants, trees, flowers, I want to see the colors of Spring. I want to sit out on my porch swing and watch the kids play. I want to feel the sun on my back as I check out my garden.

wilsonhoff said…
Oo! Just found you doing research for a story in AAA Living magazine about flower spots in Iowa ... I just followed on my website and my FB book site (Running Away to Home), but can't seem to find you on Twitter. But! Here is my answer about winter: I do not like winter because a.) it is still dark when I wake up to write books and that makes me lonely; b.) it is very cold when I wake up to write books in the dark and the quilts are always seductively warm; c.) I worry about my chickens freezing their little chicken feet off in winter. The lack of light is also not very good for my characters in my books, who I tend to want to kill when the skies are gray. So: winter is very bad for the health of fictional characters, yes. Thanks for the contest, and happy day!
suzthejeweler said…
I love winter, but not if I don't have a cold as I do know!
I am not entering this contest Miss Effie because frankly all my needs are being met and I believe there is someone out there who needs these items way more than me...I?

But I had to drop by, say HI and tell you THIS IS THE MOST AWESOME GIVEAWAY I HAVE EVER SEEN. You are one special lady

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