Twist and Shout!

This is one of my latest obsessions............. the mobius scarf.  This is made out of a favorite yarn ...... Burly Spun by Brown Sheep company.

You start with a needle taller than you are.  OK -- you start with a needle that is taller than I am.  60 inches long.  They do say you can do it with a 48" needle .... but I don't see that happening with a bulky yarn.  Maybe if you were using a DK weight.

A long needle is necessary so you can loop the stitches around.  Yea ... not one loop.  But two.  Suddenly, that "taller-than-me" needle doesn't look too long!

A marker is not an option on this scarf.  You must place one to know where to start  the row.

I know think you can tell by the tail of your cast on.  Not so fast!!  The tail will end up in the middle of your project as you are knitting from both the top and the bottom of your scarf at the same time!!!


Can you see the stitches on both sides of the needle?  
Yea ..... it is magic.

If you are interested in learning the mobius cast-on, there are several great tutorials on YouTube.

Or ... come hang with me.  And make sure you have a Miss Eff size needle!


Kelly Bartels said…
I love the mobieus.....I have made several in various yarn weights. I used the 48" length for the fingering and DK yarns and the 60" for worsted. My favorite is one I did with 100% alpaca and trimmed it on the outside edge with angora (80% blend) Heavenly.
I love the bulky yarn look too, just haven't done one yet.
Michelle said…
That is too cool! The only mobii I've made were rectangles that I seamed. I will have to try this!
Zan Asha said…
Since I'm not a knitter, I've no idea what you just said--but you said it with style. One of these days I'll have to hang with you and learn all of the yarn secrets you have! :D
Christine said…
I am addicted to these things. Cool, huh?

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