OK -- Ya all know that I spend most of my time teaching cooking classes.

I enjoy that.  I have a good time.  But occasionally,  I'd just like to teach something else!

And I am getting a chance! Maybe.  But I might just need your help.

On Wednesday, February 22 ....... I am teaching a Farm Marketing class.

Yep.  How to market your farm and small rural business on a shoestring.  And since I wear clogs most of the time.... there is no shoestring. 

So ... its how to market your farm for free!

I've taken a lot of classes.  I have read a lot.  I have studied and tried to learn from others.  I am not an expert ... but I do have some experience and knowledge and I really want to share it.

So from websites ... to blogs ... to social networking, I will be talking the ins and outs of getting your farm's name and message into cyber space.

And remember .... I have really gray hair!  And if I can do it ... so can you!  But you might need some adult beverages!  I know I did!

So register for class number 106623.  The class is $14 and is from 7-9 at the Urban Center in downtown Davenport.  Call 441-4100 for more details.

Hope to see you.


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