My Broken Thermostat.

THIS is the best time of my 57 years. 

I am happily married to my wonderful, sweet, creative Honey.

I have a lifestyle that makes me happy to crawl out of bed every morning.

I have wonderful friends that I love .... and love me back

And I found a place .... where I fit in this world.  Conformity ... be damned! 

I am older.  My hair is gray ... and I like it.  The oily skin that I cussed for years.... has left me relatively wrinkle free.  My knees work.  My back is strong.  My blood pressure is easily lowered when necessary with a short trip to the garden.

But my thermostat is broken.

My drafty old farmhouse has no heat upstairs.  Currently.... it is 23 degrees outside.  It is 45 degrees as I sit at my desk and type this post.

My bed is warm and cozy at night.  It is layered and layered with down comforters and wool blankets.  We have plush flannel sheets.  We have fleece throws at our feet.  It is a soft wonderful bed and I should sink into and be comfortable all night long.

Then the hot flash hokey pokey starts its night time routine. 

"You put your left foot out.  You put your left foot in."

I throw off the blankets. 

I blame my husband for stealing the blankets!

I sweat.

I freeze. 

And I don't sleep.

So don't be surprised that you find me napping around 3 .... its how I get through the day.

Cuz that's what its all about!


Kelly Bartels said…
That';s my nightly song right now too. I'm not sure why women got all the "good" stuff when God was handing out trials and tribulations, but I'm sure there's a reason. Does anyone know why? :)
FairyLover said…
My husband loves to tell me that my thermostat is broken. I am sitting here now wrapped up in a blanket with a heat register on one side and the fireplace on the other side. I'm just cold from September until June. Because of the cancer and the hysterectomy that came with it I don't get hot flashes so I don't even have that to warm up with. Our upstairs is heated by my kitchen and downstairs bathroom are not. Since the knees don't work I don't go upstairs until it is bedtime. So I have to use the freezer bathroom during the day. Not fun at all.

I feel for ya,
At least you still have a live heater to share your life with. You have reminded me go kiss my husband

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