Plays in the Dirt...................

It was a balmy 48 degrees yesterday on the east coast of Iowa.

The sun was warm and welcoming.  The sky was that incredible shade of blue that they should call Midwestern Blue.  And the earth was calling my name.

I needed to play in the dirt.

I looked at the calendar and it was still February.  It doesn't matter that it feels like late March.  It is still mid-February.

I think this is why I don't clean the gardens in the fall.  OK ... this may the excuse to why I don't clean the gardens in the fall.  When the sun beats warm on my back in February ... I can find a reason to enjoy it.

So Sunday afternoon found Honey and I cleaning 3 gardens as you pull in our lane.  We cut back the perennials.  We pruned the bittersweet.  We burnt debris.  And we pulled annuals. 

As always .... it is time for a change at Miss Eff's.  We moved around some accessories.  Worked on lighting some features.

And we dreamed of new ideas................................

It is mid-February in Iowa. 

The seeds will stay in the box and wait .... until spring is truly here.  I have been fooled by the weather before.

But I have never been fooled by following my dreams..........

And dreams of the perfect garden run deep in February.


sounds like a wonderful wonderful day! Enjoy your dreaming..
sounds like a wonderful wonderful day! Enjoy your dreaming..
Dan Mays said…
You have time to do that kind of stuff now that Mary & Matthew are now, finally together.
Miss Effie said…
And yes, we are so happy for Mary and Matthew in this household.

Dan, do I see a little Jane Austen-viewing in your future??

But even you have to admit that Maggie Smith has been spectacular!
Dan Mays said…
I suppose that I might watch a little Jane Austen. My lovely wife, Cyndia really goes for that sort of stuff.

However, for me the tipping point is not so much the subject matter as it is the stellar script writing and acting that is superbly displayed by Maggie Smith and her fellow cast members.

I can't wait to see how Maggie and Shirley MacLaine play off of each other.

The Brits (In my opinion.) have a lot of short-comings. But, I have to admit that they have a penchant and understanding of good theater.

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