Ruffling feathers...................

You always should worry when the month starts out with some ruffled feathers.

Saturday, Honey and I volunteered to show off the girls at Bettendorf Middle School's Science Fair.

They had asked me to do something Something that would be interesting to kids.  Actually, I'm not sure if anything I do is interesting to kids.

So I thought.

And I struggled. 

And I thought some more.


Chickens are interesting.

I put a call out for chicks.  I gave a chicken a bath.  We loaded up the car.  And we were on our way.

A note about the call for chicks.  It is February in Iowa.  My coops are fairly tight .... they stay sort of dry. But they will never reach the sauna point that newly hatched chicks need to survive in February.  I'm kind of an April/May ... bring the chicks in ... type of girl girl.

So I called Tamara.  Tamara and I were raised in the same home town.  We drank of the same Kool-Aid.  We understand each other. (and that in itself, is scary!)  She says that I sat behind her in math class.  In reality, I am more than a decade older than her...... so I'm good with that!!!  Tamara is one of my heroes.  But I will leave that for another time and just say .... she let me borrow a dozen chicks and a turken.

I took three of my girls.  I took a nice Barred Rock hen

 I took Liz Taylor.

And I took Josephine ... my little blue silky hen.  Who spent the day hating me after her bath. Not sort of mad .... but that madder-than-an-old-wet-hen mad. 

She stayed in the box most of the day.  (I'll teach her..... no pictures of Josephine on the blog today!)

And for three hours...... kids found my chickens interesting.

They were surprised at the softness of the feathers.  They didn't realize that eggs came in different colors.  And new chicks .... well, that was just cool!

And they laughed when I described Liz Taylor ... a silver laced Polish .... as being the Kim Kardashian of the chicken world.  Pretty .. fluffy ... doesn't really do anything.  And as one student said .... kind of worthless.


I did learn something .... I have got to name my chickens more contemporary names.  Liz Taylor and Zsa Zsa just don't cut it!!!!


Farm Girl said…
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Farm Girl said…
I understand Zsa Zsa and Liz for names but who is Kim Kardashian?
Good for you Miss Eff. These kids are getting father and father away from the farm. If "we" don't bring it to them who will ? Job well done chickie.
Zan Asha said…
Yeah...who's Kim Kardashian??? :D

I LOVE your idea to do this. Why not do it more often. Schools should be PAYING you to teach this, who teaches the young people about farming anymore? :(

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