Sisters of the Soil

In the last year or so ... I have met some amazing women.

They don't wear heels.

They don't "lunch".

The designer duds they wear are Carrharts.

Their hair flies ... and whether its gray, dyed or blue ...... they don't care.

They love their chickens.

They play in the dirt.

They are my friends.

They are Sisters of the Soil.

And since this fall ... we have met to knit, crochet, embroider and laugh.

We have tried to go to knitting shops .... and we do well when there are one or two of us.  We have tried to go to guilds..... but at times, with little acceptance.  

We are noisy.  Outrageous.  Outspoken.  Outcasts.

But we are  fun!!!!

So yesterday ... while making a lot of racket in a Mexican restaurant in Tipton..... we decided to start our own fiber guild.   Nobody is going to tell us we can't.  We just are doing it.  

No dues.  Pay as we go.  No president.  Just a general consensuses will make a project fly!  

If you want a quiet peaceful place to spin ..... we are not your group.

If you want to travel the highlands of Scotland for weeks, looking at fleece  .... we are not your group.

But if you want to meet the women that raise the fiber you spin .... we are here.  If you want to knit your way... we are here.  If you want to laugh, cry, or just be with like-minded women .... we are here.

Just visit us on Facebook to join our little group.  

It only sounds like there are a lot of us!!!!

Oh -- and you might catch a glimpse of a few of us today (Feb 9) on the 4 o'clock news on KWQC.  (They made us sit quietly!  Was that hard!!!!!!)


Christine said…
Oh my goodness, can I get in, pleeeeease? I LOVE that picture, what book is that from? I'd buy one just to frame that. LOL
Miss Effie said…
Christine .... its from a very old copy of the Little Small Red Hen. It was published by the David McKay company in Philadelphia. I collect antique children's books ........ these pics are fabulous!!!
Kelly Bartels said…
You just described out knitting group that meets at the Argyle Fiber Mill on Wed nights and Thursday Mornings! We are ASK, the Argylian Society of Knitters!!! Loud, fun and accepting of all. We started out as a group of 5 and now we barely have room for everyone to sit.
Zan Asha said…
How do the New Yawkers get in?? I promise--though some of us don't have livestock--not all of us are frou-frou :)

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