This week in the Summer Kitchen..............

February isn't a busy time in the Summer Kitchen.

Well -- not most of the time.

But this year, I have trying to fill the Summer Kitchen with as many new and fun things as I can.  And that means that the knitting needles are smokin'!!!

New this week !  Seriously ... all of this has been knit this week by yours truly!  I can now rib in my sleep!

OK -- I will admit that all of these knits are quick and easy knits.  Easy lace patterns .. simple garter stitch mitts. But I did them all this week.  Yes ... I am patting myself on my back.  Sue me.  Its my blog. :) 

Tea cozy for Valentine's Day

And I am working on Spring items too.

Spring tea cozy ... I am loving this aqua color!

Having a few fresh items for spring always makes your feel sooooo good!

Fresh and pretty dishcloths.  There will be more to come.

 You know those little "cheer-up" gifts you want to have around?  Or "I'm thinking of you" gifts?  We have one that you might like.  Pick up a bar of My Mommy's Creations goat milk soap and one of our hand knit bath mitts.  $10 and you have a homemade local gift that will cheer up anyone!

Pretty spring bath mitts!

And since its 10 degrees!  Winter obviously isn't over yet!  I knit a new mobius this week!

Love the colors! Burgundy, sage, pink and blue.

I'm not the only one creating some great stuff for the Summer Kitchen. 

R Tree brought out some new "bugs" for your spring decorating.  These are sooooo cute.

OK -- I've got show you this one too!

The only fox I want near my farm!

Another artist brought some fun painted rocks to the Summer Kitchen.  Terry Collins does amazing work.  Most of her rocks are in the $7-$20 range and they are are beautiful!

Love this bunny!

And finally ... some new sprucing up for the Summer Kitchen!  My dear talented friend Tamara has been trying out all those new tools she has been buying.

You have GOT to read Tamara's blog!  She can use power tools!!!

And look what she made me!!!  Actually, Folk Magazine will go here.  But we are sold out!! So wait till the next shipment arrives and you can use my very pretty and so-Miss-Eff magazine rack!!

And that is the Week in Review at the Summer Kitchen!  Stop out and see us.  Drop me a note or check out our hours on Facebook for the latest information.

See you soon.


Beth said…
I always love the dishclothes. And everyone we use one of yours, the boys are quick to point out who made them. And then we send warm thoughts your way.
Alicia said…

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