Two Fish and a Loaf of Bread ..................

On Saturday, I am teaching a class at the University of Illinois Nursery School at the I-Wireless Center in Moline.

Yea .... its at the Mark. ;)

I am teaching a class on salads from your garden from all seasons.  And I will make 2 salads ahead of time and 3 salads on the spot.  Not a biggie.  I can handle that.  

I think.


I get the numbers today.  And realize ... I need to have enough product so everyone has a taste of every salad.

The count??

Forty One!!!!!!!

 Forty one people are taking this class!  And I am trying to figure out how to stretch salads that serve 6-8 people .... to 41!!!!!

My Grandmother had the reputation of being able to stretch a meal.  She would be cooking for six people and suddenly, there would be twelve people.  And Gran would make that meal happen and everyone would walk away happy and satisfied.

So ... if you see me and I have this extremely vague look on my face....... please be understanding. I'm just trying to channel those people that can stretch a meal a tad farther than I have ever done!



Zan Asha said…
Folks love them some salads!!! Woman. I know you. You will make it happen. I'm not sure if your sanity will be intact. But happen, it will! ;)
Lindy said…
Boo hoo. I've been a couple of times but missed signing up-didn't know!! Would have loved it!

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