Dear Mr. Limbaugh ............

Dear Mr. Limbaugh ...

The other day, you called a smart, confident, well-educated young woman a slut, a prostitute, a whore. 

And now you get a tongue-lashing from a smart, confident, well-educated old woman ... me.

First of all, I am not going to discuss her testimony on contraceptive insurance coverage at church supported schools.  I am totally in favor of women getting the prescriptions deemed necessary by their doctors.  I find it odd that all insurance policies cover the prescription Viagra .... but when it comes to pharmaceutical care for women it is handpicked and chosen by men. 

Obviously, birth control pills control .... future births!  But they also relieve the symptoms of acne, painful menstrual cramps and excessively heavy periods.  All symptoms that I personally have suffered through and would love to share the pain with you!  All symptoms that I suffered through during times of total abstinence.

But what I am writing about is your demeaning attitude toward women.

Slut.  Whore.  Prostitute.


You say your Talent is on loan from God.

You say that the right-wing Christian Conservative will be the saving grace of America.

I am a Christian.  And I would never call a smart, confident, well-educated young woman .... a whore, a slut, a prostitute.  And I am confused why right-wing Christian Conservatives would back a man that essentially called 51% of the population ....... slut.  whore.  prostitute.

We work hard to raise daughters that stand up for what they believe.  We work hard to raise daughters that think for themselves.  We work hard to give them confidence and strength. We work hard to raise daughters that are not afraid of bigoted old men like you. 

And with three words .... slut. whore. prostitute..... you tear them down.

I'm not sure when God loaned you talent.   But I am pretty certain that it was after Genesis 1:27 where God makes man and woman in his own image. 

The God that I worship loves women.  The God that I worship would never demean his creation.  The God that I worship did not throw stones and call names.

You owe Sandra Fluke an apology.  But more than Sandra Fluke, you owe all women an apology.  When you tear one woman down like that ..... you keep more women from speaking their mind.You keep bright, intelligent women from sharing creative thoughtful ideas.  You keep bright, intelligent women from serving our country.  You keep bright, intelligent women from reaching for the stars.

It scares me that none of the current presidential hopefuls really knocked you off your perch.  I've heard things like "not the words I would have used".  Seriously??  But were they the words they were thinking?

I hate to inform you .... women make up 51% of the population.  And slowly but surely, we are making progress toward that glass ceiling. 

But that just may be your idea of hell.


Sharon Wren said…
I love you Cathy! You're completely right & I've got your back on this one. I had to listen to Rushie in the 90s and his rhetoric made me sick even then.
Tanya said…
Right on!
Jamie said…
I am standing up and applauding right now. Thanks for putting my thoughts into words.
"When you tear one woman down like that ..... you keep more women from speaking their mind.You keep bright, intelligent women from sharing creative thoughtful ideas. You keep bright, intelligent women from serving our country. You keep bright, intelligent women from reaching for the stars."
Anonymous said…
And a great big AMEN to that!
Michelle said…
I listened to part of President Obama's press conference yesterday so I can say that ONE presidential hopeful DID knock Limbaugh off his perch, in a professional, intelligent, calm, thoughtfully worded response. SO different in tone than the McCarthyists so prevalent in the Republican party!
Kelly Bartels said…
Bravo, bravo.......wild applause from another woman that is sick and tired of giant bags of wind judging me or any other person. Don't judge, least thee be judged Russ. (just saying) :)
fullfreezer said…
Amen, sister!

Miss Effie said…
Thanks guys for all your support! It always scares me when I post my views upfront for the world to see.

I thank you for not casting the stones!
Dan Mays said…
My take on this is a little different . . . but then, my gender is different too. :-)

The thing that scares me about this whole scenario is how religious zealots of any bent (and there are many factions to choose from) are able to perform the most abhorrent acts of behavior with a self-righteousness that ignores even a shred of human decency.

Extremist Muslims stone women to death because she "caused a man to rape her." They can then boastfully walk away gloating that they did "God's will."

Blacks had the right to vote in Connecticut something like a decade before the Irish were allowed to vote. Why? Because they were Catholic.

Women also become willing participants in “religion out of control” as in the shameful example of Jamestown, Guyana, where the women poisoned their own children simply because Jim Jones told them it was “God’s will.”

Perhaps no religious crime against humanity was perpetrated longer than the Inquisition – again, all done with an unremorseful sense of piety. And yet, there remains no shortage of followers of that same faith which also actively concealed the sexual torture of young boys by their priests.

How many of us can remember a youth spent regularly getting the hell beat out of us simply because the Lord supposedly said, “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” It wasn’t wrong to beat the dog snot out of the kid several times a week because the Lord wanted you to do it!

Rush Limbaugh was way off base – as are so many other people who wrap themselves in religion. Don’t forget that there were many sermons spoken from southern, white, Baptist pulpits asserting white supremacy. Even the KKK claimed the Christian symbol of the cross as their own.

This country was largely founded by people fleeing persecution (actually death) because they did not practice religion the king's way -- and then promptly began to slaughter America's indigenous people because they were "heathen." God spoke to them too!
Christians versus Muslims.

Croats versus Serbs. Shiite versus Sunni. Jews versus (just about anybody). Etc., etc., etc.: all perpetrated in the name of religion – just like Limbaugh.
Karen said…
Thank you!
Melody said…
Just my two pennies...
Having actually listened to the broadcast in which this incident occurred, the point Mr. Limbaugh was making was...
If someone (via government intervention) pays you to be able to engage in sexual activities (which requires the outrageously priced birth control, according to Ms. Fluke) then what does that make you? He did not come right out and call her names off the cuff. It was a thought provoking analogy. Nothing more.

This is a big tadoo about nothing.
Dan Mays said…
Yes, but . . .

I heard the full commentary too -- and I essentially agree. The press has had a field day intentionally taking Limbaugh's commentary on this topic out of context. However, he blew it when he started hurling personal slurs. To put it mildly, his content may have been correct, but his presentation was lousy.


I always taught my kids that when they resorted to either vulgarity and/or name-calling, it was a clear indication that they had run out of anything either substantive or intelligent to say.

"Some of my most valuable possessions are words I have never spoken."
Anonymous said…
Bravo. I love this!!!!

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