Done! Done! Stick a fork in me!

I am done!

Yes .... after about a week plus of loading pictures ... writing text ..... flipping pages around ..... and cussing a lot!  I have finished Miss Effie the webpage version 3.0.

Yes .... I might be getting better at this.

Or I might be drinking better wine.

So check out the new and improved webpage at

And talk to me tomorrow about it. 

I'm going to lie down now.  I have a headache! :)


Zan Asha said…
Very Swanky! Love the look, hope you don't have too bad of a headache! :)
Dan Mays said…
My question is:

Why do you continue to put yourself through these unnecessary efforts?

. . . and now I shall provide the answer.
Beth said…
Looks fabulous! Love to you.

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