Random Thoughts and Disconnected Paragraphs...................

I think every woman from the Baby Boomer age is mourning the death of Davy Jones.  In an era of rock and roll ... Davy Jones was the guy next door.  The guy that maybe/really/ sort of .... might ask you out.

He was "geeky" enough to be nice to your parents.  He was cute enough to be a heart throb. You wouldn't have to sneak behind the bar, roll up your skirt, buy a pack of cigarettes .... like you would have if Mick Jagger had asked you out on a date. 

Yea .. Davy Jones was the dream date of a small town girl.

And always will be.


Tonight ... I'm teaching a brioche class for Scott Community College.  This is always one of my favorite classes.

And this spring ... it one of my favorites for a special reason.

It is heavy on eggs!!  Eight eggs per batch of dough!

OMG! This mild winter has kept the girls laying like crazy!!!!  Often .. I will gather 4 dozen eggs a day!

And I get to sell 8 dozen to the college tonight so for one brief moment .... my refrigerator will be empty.

As Honey says ..... Praise the quiche-less supper!!!


I think all rational behavior has left the Lafrenz household.

We are re-decorating/re-organizing the laundry/pantry/storage room.  Which means moving two freezers, painting, stripping wallpaper, repairing a ceiling and emptying 3 pantries of canning jars etc.  And then figuring out what kind of flooring I want vs what I can afford.

As unorganized as the room is .... as horrible as the paint/paper/flooring decor is ....... this is just absolutely crazy.  We have less than a month to pull this all together.

This is the point that you pray for me.

I will need it as the pantry shelves end up in the living room, kitchen, tv room and bedroom.

I'm just hoping I don't have to fill the bath tub with pickled beets.


So while that is going on ............ I decided to create a new website!!

I have been happy with the content of my latest website ... but the font, type size, color, layout .... has not thrilled me.  And it is really important to have a fresh, clean website.

So -- with adult beverages in hand --- I've been creating a new one. 

I'll let you know when it is complete and up.


And finally ........... if you are addicted to Pinterest............. (who me?????????) I have done a board for Miss Effie's Country Flowers. 

Now -- I have loved this pinning thing for several months.  But the creating a board for a business has been .... well, I don't know how it has been.

The best thing about the board ... it will help show people what is available here on this little old flower farm.  If they can find it.  This is the part that I'm not getting yet!


So those disconnected sentences are the essences of our lives at the moment.

We are in big trouble!


Jamie said…
Your post resonated with me to be sure. I couldn't comment through the "networked blogs" area and had to log in here to do that? I posted this to my own Facebook yesterday and will add it here:

I was 9 years old in 1966 when my world was opened wide to a cultural and musical phenomenon that has remained in my heart, both inspiring and just a teeny bit embarrassing to me today. I think now, after 46 years, and the death of one of the stars, I can safely reveal the lifelong secret devotion I have to The Monkees. It is a piece of my musical history that informs the wide ranging selections on the playlist of my life. The Monkees were a phenomenon with catchy pop tunes and the venue of a hit television hour to show off their antics, sort of the first reality series, if you think about it. And I’m (still) a Believer....

I thought I was the coolest, luckiest girl around when I got that first Monkees album from my uncle Joe Hogan, who totally knew what was cool. He was a DJ at the radio station in Waupaca, Wisconsin where The Monkees had little chance for playtime when stacked against more favored competition like The Ray Coniff Singers or The New Christy Minstrels. To an adoring 9 year old niece, Uncle Joe rocked. And the endless supply of demo 45s he handed out from the trunk of his alluring “single guy radio jock” Ford Thunderbird were sensational, if not, well… swoon worthy. I was the favored niece to receive such hits as “Wild Thing” by The Troggs, “Georgy Girl” by The Seekers and everything by The Buckinghams. But he did also give me The Doors, Jefferson Airplane and Van Morrison, so I was saved.

Sadly, it was the trunk of another car, a 1973 (?) Chevy Nova that my parents bought from my high school pal, Jim Liedberg, that proved demise of all those albums and 45s. They were left in the heat during one of many disorganized college moves back in the 70’s and while the albums didn’t survive, I do still have many of the album covers. But not to fret my losses, through the years I was able to replace some of the best of those albums from the amazing diversity of titles in the bins of used records at Val’s Halla in Oak Park. Thank you Val Camilletti.

I am wondering if I get any cred for my varied and amusing musical tastes that one of The Monkees greatest hits “Daydream Believer”, has been so enduring to have been covered by an assortment from Alvin and the Chipmunks to Susan Boyle and most memorably, by the hit’s songwriter and lonesome picker, John Stewart, of the Kingston Trio?

I’m going to look for my tambourine now, RIP Davy Jones.
Lu Ann Van Boven said…
Just started Pinning - a lot of fun so far once I get past the technical stuff and figure out what the heck I'm doing!

And I am mourning Davy Jones as well - hard to lose a piece of childhood that seemed so perfect.

Have a wonderful day!
Miss Effie said…
Ahhh... Jamie, if I could only write like you. Beautiful beautiful comments.

And we were all "believers".
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