Snippets ............

Ahhhhhhhhhh.............. spring is here.

Yes ... it is March 29th and my lilacs are blooming.

Love! Love! Love! my white lilacs!

I never  ever ever remember lilacs blooming in March.  I barely remember lilacs blooming in April!! Ok ... that may be due to menopausal brain loss .... but I digress!

So .. Honey and I are busy working on projects and trying to make Miss Eff's different, unique, charming.  Dare I say ........ magical???

Honey is building a patio in front of the ever-chatty Summer Kitchen.  I'm pretty certain the conversation went like this.

SK ... I don't want a porch.

Honey .... But, Summer Kitchen,  that was always in the plan.  You said you wanted a little porch ... with a window box.

SK .... But not now.  I want a patio where people can sit and relax.

Honey ... With you around, no one gets to relax.

SK ... Like its normal to have buildings talk to you?!?!?!  No, I want a patio.

Honey ... OK ... I will go to Menard's and look at paver blocks.

SK ... Oh no you don't!  You are not going to use some common everyday run-of-the-mill paver block on me!!!  Who do you think you are talking to?????

Honey ... And exactly what do you want me to do????

SK ... I want you to make the blocks for me.  Especially for me. 

Honey ... Yes, Summer Kitchen ... I guess I can do that. Any thing to keep you quiet.

So that is why Honey has poured forms to make a very special patio.  I'm not going to go into details but I am pretty certain pictures will show up on here and on Pinterest in the near future.

In the meantime, we are still working on the laundry room because it should be 40 degrees outside and we should not even be thinking about garden work!  Not a lot to show you ... but I do have one pantry done. 



Yea ..... I am liking it.

That is progress.

And finally ... I am almost .... sort-of .... maybe.... getting done with classes.  Which ... mind you ... is not a moment too soon!  Tonight, I am teaching a crepes class.  Then I have a segment on Paula Sands Live next Thursday for the Gardening series for the Rock Island County Master Gardeners.  Saturday 4/7 .... I am teaching a "5 minute a day" bread class for the Fundraising committee of the Clarence Library.  And some where in April I am teaching a jam class, pickle class for Scott Community College and the "Grow it, Cook it, Bake it" class for the Master Gardeners.

Then  (say it with me)  ... I am done! Done! Stick a fork in me... I am done!

Well ..... until the next time. ;)


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