It is the first day of spring.

And wow! does it feel like late April!!!

It is 80 degrees, warm and windy.

The apricot tree is full of blooms.....

I am fearful that we will lose the fruit.  In the five years that we have had this tree....... we have yet to get an apricot.  And an early bloom like this year .... almost guarantees no fruit.

Fortunately, this Bradford pear bears no fruit. So when it burst into bloom tomorrow .... there will be nothing but pretty to worry about!

The daffodils are in bloom.

The chives are ready to be cut.

The list of projects continues to grow.  But this one ..... has a good start.

We normally plan on house projects this time of year.  But a new project has been put on the list.

A new chicken coop.

Cuz these guys will be arriving soon!


Yeah us too. Usually this time of year I get to do a few indoor projects like a new PANTRY but Nooooooooooo. The weather turns warm so of course outdie farm duties take priority and I am ticked! Well, not really ticked just cheated. I feel cheated.
those chicks are adorable!! Happy Spring!

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