Can you hear me now????

Sorry to have suddenly dropped into a hole ..... my computer was visited by the "blue screen of death".  

Similar to the ghost of Christmas' past ..... the computer crashes and burns and I was left shaking under the covers!  Where will my pictures go???  How will I talk to anyone??   All my Facebook friends will think I had abandon them?  If I had played Farmville .... my crops would have died.

Fortunately, I have enough real crops of my own to tend .... I have to admit that they look much better with the extra attention they have gotten the last few days!  It has been so quiet on the farm ... no one saying, You've got mail!  

But I do have Pinterest withdrawal. 

So now that that is out of the way ....... wanna see what is new?????

I am totally in love with my new sign!!!!   Jen .... as usual .... worked her magic with the paint brush.

We do have a itsy bitsy problem ... I have to find a post worthy of this beautiful sign!!  It is not going on a standard old steel fence post!!!!   We do have an old newel post hanging out ...... I think we can do something with that.  Details will follow!!!

Ok -- in other news -- the fabulous Zan Asha is heading back to Miss Eff's this weekend!  So in celebration of her arrival ... we are having a party!!  Well -- its really a class -- but trust me, you will think you have been to a party!!!!

On Sunday ... April 29th ... 1 to 3 or 4 .... we are hosting an eggs-travaganza!!!  First of all .... we will make a souffle and then a rich and creamy cheesecake.  Both that we will devour with a nice green salad .... call it brunch.  Maybe some asparagus.  And while everything is baking .... Zan will be teaching some egg decorating.

$25 per person will get you in on the merriment.  We do have a few places at the table and would love to have you here.  There will definitely be more than enough cheesecake for all of us!!!!  Drop me a note...... cmlafrenz (at) netins (dot) net.

Garden planting begins in earnest today.  Black-eyed susans and lisianthus will go into today ... if the shipment comes before the rain does!!!  And tomorrow .... I will hear the peep peep peep of little chicken feet.

So Spring has truly come to Miss Eff's ..... won't be long before you will want to see it too!


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