Cannin', Craftin' and Classin'

First of all .... this is a post without photos.

Evidently, I decided that there would be no dirty photos at Miss Eff's ........... and gave that camera a hot water wash, extra rinse, 1200 rpm spin cycle. 


Let me give you a hint ..... its not a good thing.

In my defense, I grew up in a household that never checked pockets before laundering.  Dad was a large animal vet ..... you never knew what you might find.  So I grew up with sparkling clean dollar bills, shiny quarters and clothesline-fresh pocket knives.

I'd say ... I've learned my lesson.  Yes ... I have!  That extended warranty thing is fantastic!!!! Sooooo worth it.

But I digress.

So ... the other night I taught a jam making class. I had not made jam all winter ..... and suddenly as the fresh strawberries hit the gel point .... I had mojo!!!  Wow!  Stand back from the stove.... I am jammin'!

Saturday was a cold damp day .... and the canner was cookin'.

I made strawberry jam .....and strawberry-rhubarb jam ..... and strawberry daiquiri jam ..... and kiwi daiquiri jam and finally, apricot brandy jam.

Seriously .... a lot of boozy jam going on!!  So the Summer Kitchen is getting stocked up. Next on the agenda is Sunshine Jam, apple pie jam and maybe something herby. 

If you haven't picked up on it yet ..... I carry a knitting project wherever I go.  Always.  So when I'm at the stoplight ... I'm knitting.  If Honey is driving ... I am knitting.  If I am waiting .... I am knitting.

Most of the time .... its a dishcloth, tea cozy or bath mitt.  Mindless stuff.  But now I have a new plan ...

Source: via Sascha on Pinterest

I want to yarn bomb my bicycle .....

Lord knows, I have planted the basket full of flowers every year ... with so-so success.  So why not fill it full of knitted and crocheted flowers???

Well --- other than the fact that I don't crochet much!

So right now .... I am knitting i-cord streamers to weave through the spokes.  I'll knit a seat cover for the seat.  Something stripy and fun ...

This may take a while.


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