There are moments in your life that you are grateful that you can pay someone back.

Today held one of those moments.

Carol called me and asked if I would help make cheese with a  4-H group.  YES!!  I would love to!  So for a little over an hour ... I spent time with some great 4-H'ers and got to make cheese.  Yea ... it was a win-win for me!!!

After we were done ... Carol said "I owe you one."

No .... I owe 4-H.

I owe 4-H for the best friends a woman could ever have.

I owe 4-H for the ability to see broccoli, olives, eggs and pasta in the fridge ... and know that supper will be just fine.

I owe 4-H for teaching me how to sew on a button, hand-pick the top stitching on a jacket, make a thumb in a pair of mittens and bake a loaf of bread. (I did not learn the proper way to hold a needle, though!!!!)

I owe 4-H for showing me how to do a proper demonstration.

I owe 4-H for the courage to walk up to a podium in a room full of strangers .... and  give a speech without fear.

I owe 4-H for inspiring me to reach outside my comfort zone to learn and try something new.

I owe 4-H for letting my wings grow .... and  giving me the knowledge that falling down is just part of getting up.

I owe 4-H for the dreams of a flower farmer.

I know 4-H has changed.  It may not be the same organization that I knew.  But if a young girl learns even the tiniest bit that I did .... she will do just fine.

And for that ... I say thank you.


Michelle said…
Such a wonderful testimony! I was never privileged to be in 4H, but am considering it for my son.
Kelly Bartels said…
I was in 4-H and I love this post and it's nod to what that program can do to enrich a young person. I was not a farm born young lady, but longed for that kind of life and was allowed to experience all of the things that I now love while in a 4-H club.
Who knew that caring for and showing dairy cows would lead to a herd of Shetland sheep, raising my own food in the garden, knitting, spinning and the chance to provide other young people the chance to take my critters as a project in 4-H too! What fun life can be at times.
Colleen said…
I will never forget the first time I taught a lesson in my field experience class. The supervising teacher was amazed that even though it was my first time teaching a lesson, that I looked at ease and had no problems talking in front of a group. I told her that I as an alumni of the 4-H program. All those years of educational presentations, working exhibits etc. Oh the list of things that I could credit 4-H for. And that is why I now volunteer with the program.

Of course I also love that 4-H is all about intergenerational learning and learning what you want to learn .

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