Kill the Beast!

Honey and I try to live a peaceful .. calm .. existence. 

Especially when it comes to our sleeping habits.

No television in the bedroom.  No noisy furnace.  No window air conditioner blowing its icy cold breeze on us.

Just the gentle glow of my electric mattress pad and the quiet voice of the radio.

Until Monday morning!!!

Unfortunately, our nice reliable 10 year old clock-radio decided to abandon its alarm feature.  Fortunately, my husband's bio-rhythms are just like clock work and he wakes up at 5:30 ... alarm or not.

However .... living on the edge like that .... may not be a wise thing to do in the business world!!!   For some reasons, bosses would like you to be at work on time.  And my roosters start to crow at 3 am. so you can't count on them to be punctuational!!!

It was time to purchase a cheap alarm clock to fill the gap.  Most people look at the features ... the looks ... the snooze control.  Me .... I looked at price!

$10 ... that will work!!

So we were off to plug it in!  Wow!  Won't miss those numbers, Honey said.  You will see them without your glasses!

Three inch tall numbers!!!!  REALLY!!!  Notice the bright red glow.

That bright red glow can be seen from the outside.  REALLY!!!!

And we are fairly close to the Mount Joy airport.  Will we be mistaken for a landing strip???  Is this a fog light on the Mississippi???  Have we suddenly become a light house????

OK --enough of that!  We rub ourselves down with sunscreen SPX 30 ... to prevent burning, don our sunglasses and go to bed.

Somewhere ... in the middle of my dream where I am dating George Clooney .... 5:30 am arrives.


Patches ... our cat.. flies a foot into the air and runs immediately under the covers!!

We rush to the window to see if  anything has crashed in our yard!!

We turn on the radio ... we are certain we will hear ... This is not a test!

But all is calm in the world .... so we hit snooze.


And all I can say is ..... Kill the Beast!

Slowly ... we are getting used to the glow in the night.  But the alarm??????

Now ..... how do I work the snooze??????


Barb said…
Oh My. I can't do an alarm clock. It scares the crap out of me every time it goes off and my heart is racing at such a fast rate that I think I may stroke out....... I have a natural alarm clock, too. If I need to be up by 4:30 a.m. I tell myself that the night before and "bob's your uncle" I wake at 4:30 a.m. Don't know why, don't question it....just glad I don't have to have an alarm clock.

Good Luck!!!
Oh for Gods sake...spend 12.95 and get the one you want with a pleasant bell tone. Then put this one on your next garage sale with a $11 tag. Problem solved. Next? THAT was funny.

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