Lean finely textured beef .......

We have seen it on the news. 

We have seen it online. 

That cotton-candy pink meat filler that has been processed by exposing meat trimmings to ammonia gas.

And now, Iowa Governor Branstad and USDA Secretary Vilsack want to assure us that it is safe.  They seemed to imply that we consumers and the media are acting hysterically to a product that is safe and healthy. 

That "hysteria" has cost 200 jobs in Iowa at BPI.

And this is my take on it.....

I am going to assume that "pink slime" is safe.  After all, Governor Branstad has been eating it for 30 years and he is just fine. (I really didn't just say that, did I?????)

But this is what is pissing me off ............. I have the right to know what is in the food I eat and how it is processed!

Bottom line. 

Now -- I have to admit -- the majority of beef that I eaten in my life has been processed at small lockers.  The steer that goes to the locker is the beef that goes into my freezer.  I may pay a little more for hamburger but I am guaranteed that there is no "pink slime" in it.  And I know I pay far less for that prime rib that I am eating!

But if I have a hamburger emergency and have to buy some supermarket burger (I said if!) I want it to be beef .... not beef processed by exposure to ammonia gas.  And if it is .... I want to know about it!!!

Personally .. we may say it is safe.  But BPA lined veggie cans were "safe".  Cigarettes were "safe". 
DES for pregnant women was declared "safe".  And later .... we discovered that we were wrong.

One in eight babies is born premature.  One in 110 children is diagnosed with autism. Food allergies abound.
And why is that???

Has technology exposed us to manufacturing practices, chemicals and preservatives that may not "hurt" us ..... but they sure aren't helping us????

There is a quote in Joy of Cooking .... I couldn't find it but it goes somewhat like this ....

Processed cheese is technology over conscious.

Give us the facts.  Give us the information..... we can make our minds up for ourselves.


Bravo Bravo ! Ireally don't care what my neighbot eats but he should know whay our grass fed beef is better for him. If he still wants pink slime on his grill fine, as long as he KNOWS its pink slime between his buns...ewwww. Sorry about that.

The good news about the pink stuff ? Our meat sales are going thru the roof!
Barb said…
Couldn't have expressed it better myself.

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