Waiting ............

You know that other shoe???

The one that I'm waiting for??

Yep .... it seems to be dropping.

Currently, it is 27 degrees on the east coast of Iowa.  No frost ... which is good.  But cold, nevertheless.

I'm in this state of limbo.

I have been ..... OK, I'll say it!!!! .... stressed about not planting.  We have had beautiful warm delightful weather .... and I have been biting my dirty nails!  I sooooo wanted to call the wholesalers and say .... Ship those plants ASAP!!!!

And I know better.

I've been there .... I've done that.... I've suffered the consequences.

This year, I pushed all my orders back a week. Instead of receiving my first order on 4/15 or so..... my first order should arrive around the 25th.

Why did I do that???

Well, the last several years ... I have been fighting the elements.  A warm early April seems to give in to a cold damp May ......... and my plants struggled.  They didn't die ... but they didn't grow.  So -- I finally got it through my head to wait.

And at this very moment ... I am glad I did.

Sort of...........

But I can not control the consequences of Mother Nature.  I have buds on the peonies.  Lilies have pushed up through the warm soil ... thinking it was spring.

My chives have fat purple buds ... waiting to break into bloom.  Traditionally, its time to plant zinnias when the chives are in bloom.

But not now.

Tonight's forecast is for 27 degrees.  It will be a hard freeze.  We might make it through it with the wind that is blowing.  But I have heard rumors of even colder temperatures for next week. Last week's frost, damaged some foliage .... nipped a few lilies in a lower bed.

So I'm asking for prayers, warm thoughts, and some good luck.

Cuz that shoe is that is dropping is more like a snow boot!!!!


fullfreezer said…
I hear your pain. I saw a young couple buying tomato starts at the farmers market on Saturday afternoon and I thought NOooooo.... don't do it. It's only APRIL... in IOWA! I fought the urge to start my plants early. Ok- I did plant a few sacrificial cucumber seeds in the garden but it's been so dry that I don't think they've even sprouted.
What I'm really worried about is my apple trees. Our big tree is in full bloom. sigh... it was 27 degrees here this morning and I'm thinking it's not warming up anytime too soon.

Last year we did not plant a veggie garden.The livestock needed so much time, THIS year, this crazy year, we have planted and we are all out of sorst. Do we rush to get in some flower seed just to replant later. Hold off but get blooms later instead of sooner. Fortunantley all our $ is tied up in animals so the frost doesn't hurt them. I instead send you ALL the graden luck and good karma needed for YOUR livlihood. PS. Thanks for following me :0
Oh we had to learn that same lesson a few years back. It has been really warm here in Tennessee for about a month now. Oh does it ever make you want to start planting. But guess what ? It is going to be 35 degrees tonight and even colder tomorrow night.

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