I've got that busy as a bee thing going over at Miss Eff's at the moment.

And .. if truth be known ... I am doing that "flit to one flower then the next".  Yea ... floral ADD has set in. 

It kind of goes like this.............

I pick up a tray of flowers ... say dahlias .... and I diligently start to plant.  I get 85% of the dahlias in the tray planted.  And I am suddenly at the end of the row. 

Now ... a huge thrill to me this time of year is an empty plug tray tossed in the garbage can. 

So I go on the search for a place to plant that last 15%.  I walk through the garden looking for the right mix of location, soil and sunshine.   Will people see them?  Can they get to them to cut the flowers?? What other flowers are there?? Will they coordinate well together??

I find the perfect location.  But it is weedy ...

Here comes the garden trowel, the cobra weeder, a hoe and a bucket.  The dibber is there to plug those plants in place.  Several trips to the coop with the discarded weeds .... and I am ready to plant.

The yellow dahlias are in the ground, staked and ready to go.  But now I need something to make them "pop" and to fill the space.  I know!!  I have a tray of hot pink zinnias!!  Perfect!!

So I take that tray of hot pink zinnias .... and plant 10%.


Flit.  Flit.  Flit.


can't wait to see your beautiful gardens this summer.
My Secret Garden is all about YOU Miss Eff. Funny, I've never seen your gardens in real life (yet) but your posts are motivation enough. As I plant and plant I keep asking myself WWMED "What would Miss Effie Do?" Last night you told to plant MORE zinnias. Imagine.
Miss Effie said…
Donna .... that is always the answer..Plant more zinnias!!

Can't wait to see you sometime soon!

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