Grow, damn it!!!!

The weather on the east coast of Iowa has been delightful!

Yes ... it has been dry.  We are in desperate need of rain.  Yes ... it was really hot on Thursday.  It was almost 90 degrees and they are talking about 93-94 degrees tomorrow.  And yes, that wind was awful ... 45 miles per hour.  Blew everything and everyone around the county!!

But it is May ... and I'm not wearing long underwear.  I could host a Memorial Day party in the corn-zebo instead of the my living room.  And my arms really have a nice tan.

So ..... what's my problem????

I want things to grow ..... NOW!!!

I want blooming flowers .... NOW!!!

I want to sell buckets and buckets and buckets of flowers .... NOW!!!

Yes ... it is time for my annual lesson in patience.  I try.  And I try.  But I don't get it.  

Yea .... this is from last year!

I water them gently with the sprinkler ... give them a little manure tea .... tell the larkspur how much I love it.

It doesn't help.

I cross my arms and tap my toe on the mulch and talk sternly to the snapdragons.  

It doesn't help.

I walk by the dianthus and pretend that it doesn't exist.... ignoring its tiny shiny green leaves.

It doesn't help. 

So it is back to my lessons.  We will see if I get it this year!


Zan Asha said…
Have you threatened them? Told them you'd take away their desert? How about banishing them to their rooms?

I'm not helping, am I? :)

Well, at least you won't have to climb any trees if they decide to swarm. I had to do that yesterday! I need to threaten the girls with no dessert for that move!

Hugs and good luck, it will all come together!
Dan Mays said…
One blooming plant family that I have really enjoyed over the years has been the ornamental alliums. I especially enjoy that fact that they fill that floral void just after the spring bulbs have finished up. For weeks, I have been enjoying the 'Star of Persia' and 'Globemaster', both which seem to like gently multiplying by self-sowing. In addition, after the blooms have senesced, they create a fantastically bold, sculptural look. I find that in both conditions, they create fascinating floral arrangements.


Star of Persia:

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