I have a job....................

You are my friends.  I know you will understand.

But when you run a business through your home ... many don't think you are working.  You are just goofing off.  Lounging around.  Eating bon-bons.  Its not an important job.

It may not be a fancy job.  I don't wear designer  clothes.  Or drive a new SUV.

But I do work........at home.  MY HOME ....not a park.

I plant flowers.
I dig weeds.
I gather eggs.
I knit scarves.
I keep kittens safe and chicks warm.
I make jam.
I wash tablecloths.
I teach classes.
I clean the bathroom.
I pay the insurance.
I plan the gardens.
I design the website.
I write this blog.
I embroider tea towels.
I attend meetings.
I hang signs.
I spin yarn.
I spread manure.
I answer questions.
I harvest herbs and veggies and put them up for the winter.
And I give thanks to God for the strength and the health to do it.

And I as much as I love doing it .... it all takes money.  A lot more than you think. (Except spreading the manure stuff ..... that shit just seems to appear!)

I do it for a reason.

To pay for my 13 year old car.... my 120 year old house.  To put groceries on the table and propane in the tank.  To buy feed for the chicken coop and cat food on the porch.

To make a living. 

Call me mercenary .......


Zan Asha said…
Oh you Renegade, you!

Oh wait, I like Renegades! Keep on keeping on--it's a long tough road if you aren't "corporate" but this country was founded on small independent business owners and farmers! We love you. I just hope people really understand how hard it is to do what you do!
Karla Moore said…
I hear you sister! I'm self-employed and work at home too. It really drives me nuts when my other friends think that I can just leave what I'm doing at a moments notice because I don't have a "real job" and punch a time clock. I would LOVE for them to follow me around for a day and let them see how much I don't work. Self-employed people are the most invisible, dismissed section of the population.

I wouldn't trade what I do for the best corporate job out there....but I sure would like for some Corp. to pay for my Health Insurance....better stop or I'm going to get on a rant!

Have a WONDERFUL day!
Sandy - Bettendorf said…
And we LOVE that you stay home & do all those things! You've taught me to make Mozzarella (not often, but I can say that I know how) ... and you have BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL flowers that we love coming out to pick. Which reminds me - should we be saving milk jugs to bring out when we come? Do you want extras?
Miss Effie said…
Karla .... it cracks me up that you are posting at 4 am!!! Yea ... this would be our lives! :)

Sandy -- I would love the milk jugs! Any and all ... just make sure to give them an extra good rinsing...

Hope to see you all soon!
Kelly said…
I have a full time job at a small business AND I work like a dog to raise my own food. So I am well versed in hard much work goes into creating the wonderful things that you do at your place. Don't ever let anyone devalue what you are and what you accomplish. WE (hardworking country folk) support what you are doing 100%!!!
You go girl.
Sharon Wren said…
Yep, you understand what we freelance writers go through. We're not sitting around watching TV all day. Last weekend I had a HUGE writing project I was desperate to finish, both because of a deadline and because I was ready to be done with it, and it was hard getting any peace around the house. Everyone at my house needs to learn that when Mama says "I don't care if the Avengers are at the door, DO NOT BOTHER ME", she means it!

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