I think this is who I am ..........

OK .... First of all ... we are friends.  And although we may disagree on politics .... let's just agree to disagree and give each other a hug and move on.  Even though ... I can get kind of snarky about some things .... I really believe this country would be better off with some mutual  R-E-S-P-E-C-T!  (Sing it, Aretha!)

Today .. I told the story of agriculture, small farms, local foods and women to Women for Obama event in Davenport. 

Moving fast ... mouth wide open ... talking loud .... yea, that was me.

Surprised????  Neither was Honey.

It was fun .... although I was nervous as hell!!! 

And honestly, this was physically the cleanest I have been in a month. Really, what was up with that???  I had almost no dirt under my nails.  It felt totally unnatural!  I had to wear jeans to feel like myself!  (OK -- I only wear jeans!)

So I might do this again some time ... some place.  But as for tomorrow and the rest of the week .... I am playin' in the dirt! 

It's good to be in my element! :)


Dan Mays said…
For some odd reason, this posting reminds me of an old friend who is surely causing a ruckus in the afterlife. Perhaps some of you knew Nora Dejohn -- a staunch Democrat if ever there was one.

Quite frankly - politically speaking - I disagreed with almost any political party statement she ever made. Yet on the other hand, I agreed with all of her convictions. What a rebel! She was a force to be reckoned with and Davenport City Hall used to cringe at the mention of her name --- and they needed it. Nora always took the high ground. She was the one who years ago was making the city council look like the fools they were, when they unplugged her microphone. Many, many other stories abound.

May she rest in peace . . . Hell, that will never happen!


Dan Mays

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