I lost a blog follower yesterday after posting my participation in a Women for Obama event.

This bothers me ... not because I lost a follower.  I didn't start this blog for anyone but myself.  I enjoy writing and telling you about the farm, the food, the fiber and flowers.  My life.  Including my political beliefs.

It bothers me because it is symptomatic of what is wrong with our society today.

NO respect.


We have drawn lines in the sand.  Wide lines.  And every team has to be on their side of the line.

We see it in relationships.  The words ... they didn't show me respect.   Really?????  Did you deserve it???  Were you kind and thoughtful and understanding that they might have had a bad day???

We see it with food issues.

Recently ... a farmer journalist said to me ... I know you are not a fan of conventional agriculture.

That could not be farther from the truth!

I grew up in conventional agriculture.  Those farmers are my neighbors, my family and my friends.  I happen to be a small farmer that raises flowers and chickens.  And I talk about what I know.  And for me,  small scale farming is what I know.  Very small!

I understand the economic impacts of the 1980's and the changes that were needed to farm.  When you can't afford hired help .... you farm differently than you did prior to 1980's.

Personally ... I am not a big fan of certain herbicides.  I don't use it on my farm.  I'm not totally convinced of its safety.  But I  understand the economics behind the use ... no cultivating, less gas being used, more free time to do other things.  The list goes on and on.  And I hope my neighbors respect my desire not to use certain herbicides and my method of weed control. 

Which, honestly, is kind of crazy for my back and knees!!!

We see that same lack of respect all over television.  The lack of any kind of political respect is appalling.  It doesn't matter whether it is "my side" or not!  They immediately draw their lines ... and start tackling each other!!

And personally ................. I think that line drawn in the sand .... could easily be blurred.

So .... if I took my foot and erased that line ... could we be friends again??????


Bobbi said…
Well said! I enjoy diverse friendships and opinions :) I love what you do with your small farm. I don't expect anyone to agree with everything that I think-- and I will not agree with everything that anyone else thinks. I will be respectful of their opinion. Have a great day!
Jennifer said…
Thank you ma'am. Again, eloquent.
I love Rush. I think Obama is self centered. I hate confinement farming. But I will defend their right to farm the way they want, his right to speak crazy and YOUR right to lead YOUR life the way you want. And I will never ever stop following you Miss Effie!!
Very good post. I find myself tip-toeing around my beliefs because I don't want to offend. But, we shouldn't have to do that. It's too bad there have to be such wide divides. For everything.
LuAnn Hawkins VanBoven said…
It's so important for everyone to have their own opinions (think how dull life would be if we all had the same ones), but at the same time respect is just as important.

I used to tell my kids when they were teenagers (yes I did live through it)to tell me what they thought on an issue, why they thought something that they did was okay, etc. We would sit down, face to face, at the kitchen table. They would tell me thier thoughts and opinions, and then I would tell them mine. It didn't mean at ALL that we were going to agree on the issue, or even be happy with the other person's answer, but what it did mean was that we at least understood where the other person was coming from, and could RESPECT their opinion. Luckily today my two children are great adults with an OPEN MIND about issues.

Do not judge your friend, neighbor, stranger! You believe in what you believe, and have an open mind and RESPECT!
Kelly Bartels said…
You put into words, what I have felt for some time. Lack of respect for a differing view is, to me, the sign of a person that can't open their minds to anything that doesn't fit neatly into the box they've made for themselves.
I don't agree with my friends and family, but that doesn't mean I don't love and respect them, we don't have to agree all the time. We do have to agree to disagree, and that takes respect and tolerance, and both of those are in short supply for some people.
If you remove the post, what will that do? Will it miraculously make her respect your opinion? I'm guessing it won't.
You did nothing wrong.....you simply expressed your opinion and since it's your blog, I'd say you had every right to do so. Please keep it up. :)
Barb said…
Hi Cathy,
I lost a massage client when I told her that I did Reiki. A week after telling her about this I received a beautiful card from her in the mail...well, the outside was beautiful....inside I was told that I am dealing with the devil and that I will burn in hell. Sigh....I did send a note back (complete with bible verses..yes, I can do that, too) gently and calmly telling her about Reiki and that Jesus is mentioned in my books and by my teachers and that I hoped she would continue to see me because she is a nice person and I enjoyed our sessions. She later called and cancelled her upcoming appointment. Guess I'm too scary. I just shrugged my shoulders and said, "Oh Well" after I listened to her message. At 58+ years I guess I don't care much anymore what people think of me. I respect her opinions but feel sad for her fear.

You just keep right on doing what you're doing....we need women like you!!
fullfreezer said…
Very well said. There are so many narrow minded people around these days. Sigh... I tend to be intolerant of those who are intolerant.

Anonymous said…
Well said and really needed to be said. I think every one that is opposed to diversity should have to take an Intro to Ethics class. Maybe make it mandatory in high school. I think everyone would get a long so much better. I took one in college a few years back and was in class with a lot of opinionated argumentative people. By class end people were actually allowing each other to state their views and opinions without arguing or "unfriending" them. It was amazing. Thanks for the great insights! Love reading your blog and hearing about your flower farming.
Sharon Wren said…
(clapping) You go girl! I know lots of people who don't have the same beliefs as I do, but we have a sort of agreement to agree to disagree. I won't go post something that slams Limbaugh on the Facebook page of a friend who enjoys him, but I'll post it on my page. I have a good friend who's on the opposite side of the health care debate from me. She's against it, worried about what it'll do to small businesses. I'm for it, because then people (including her kids who have chronic health problems) won't be denied insurance. Keep writing, I sure as heck won't stop reading!

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