A tonic for what ails ya!

First of all .......... if you are feeling down, get your butt outside!  Our weather in the Midwest should make anyone and everyone happy.  Sunshine..... lollipops .... rainbows.  Wait ... where were those lollipops???  (And do you really remember that song???)

OK -- today's post is a public service announcement.

So -- let's just say you are a 30 year old woman with 30 years of experience.  And besides that broken thermostat that you have tried to get replaced under warranty .... you are now experiencing leg cramps.

Constant leg cramps.

In the middle of the night ... constant leg cramps.

You have tried aspirin, hot baths before bed, lots of calcium, lots of water .... and nothing has seemed to work.

Oh yea ... you hear about meds that you could take.  But you also hear the list of side effects.... so you decide to keep your money your pocket and try to walk those leg cramps out.

Or ... you can try this.

Tonic water.

OK -- let me tell you.  This is AMAZING! 

I heard about drinking tonic water a little over a week ago.  Honey said that I should try it so he could get some sleep.  He did some googling .... discovered that you want to make sure the tonic water you drink has quinine in it.  And he insisted that I try it so he could get some sleep.  INSISTED.  I guess I kicked him one time too many!!!

I tried it. 

Whoa.  Not so sure about drinking tonic water without the gin to flavor it!!!!!

But with the addition of a little lemon or lime juice .... a bit of Crystal lite, if you like..... the taste is more than ok.  And 16 oz a day ........... I have been leg cramp free for over a week. 

Not. a. one.

Literally ... the first day ... a little twitch ... but no cramps.  Since then ..... NOTHING!!

So .... if that 30 years of experience is keeping you awake at night ....try it.

You are welcome.


Michelle said…
I'm there with you on the pharmeuceticals, but haven't had the leg cramps, only hot flashes. Does tonic water work for that????
I too have the leg cramp thing and often in my inner thigh not just calves. For me it was my magnesium level and eating pumpkin seeds...did the trick. But I bet your tonic water looks better in a wine glass than my seeds do !
Linda said…
My dr. also told me about the tonic water. I mix w/cranberry juice as I'm not crazy about either taste. Works!!

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