A walk down memory lane..............

No -- not me!  At the moment, I don't have time to find the memories!  I know I put them in a pile in the office ... and who know where they are!!!!  And the lane .... I'll find it in November!!!!

Yesterday ... we were working.  Sheepie Neighbor had stopped by for a brief moment when an unfamiliar car pulled in the lane.

The occupant kept looking at the house.  Stared ...... and stared ........ and stared at the house.

I asked if I could help her.  She asked if we had a store on the farm .......... and then she said, "My grandmother lived in this house."

I know you have seen this before ... our house circa 1927

She was surprised that we lived in the house as it needs paint. ;)

But when I talked to her ... and learned her memories ... and she told me about Sunday dinners in the kitchen ... I knew she loved this house. 

I learned of ball games that were played, the chicken coops.... the hog lot that is now my cutting garden.  The dairy barn that was over there ... and the creek where they splashed on a hot summer day.

And although ... we grew up in different states ... different areas ... our Sundays were so similar. 

She told me about her ill grandfather, sleeping on a daybed in our family room.  She told me about her grandmother, sitting in the bay window that was in  the kitchen, reading late into the night.  I heard about babies that died upstairs ... way too young.  I envisioned the stacks and stacks of dishes from a Sunday chicken dinner and a house full of laughter.

I told her about my process to get the house on the National Registry of Historic Places.  I told her about discovering the writing on the stairwell .........


I showed her some of the photos her late aunt had sent me.... and a map that showed the farm in 1906.

And I showed her "Jenny's Garden" ... unfortunately, still filled with weeds .... it was named for her grandmother and is filled with heirloom flowers.   

And I am certain .... a tear or two watered that little piece of ground.

Thanks Carol ... for stopping.   Come by again ... you are always welcome.


gary L said…
Thanks for sharing and jostling my memory cells. Thoughts of fried chicken at my grandmothers house - chickens that were running loose two hours ago. Gloriosa daisies and vegetable gardens. This song brings back those same memories of her. http://youtu.be/sylOgq9xUtA
Dan Mays said…
It constantly amazes me the HUGE amount of superb music that never makes it to the radio. Why do they insist on playing the same 40 songs ad nauseum when there is music like this available?

Thanks for posting, Gary.

That musical group (Della Mae) that Gary posted is quite special. I recommend listening to their entire album available for online listening at:

Dan Mays
What a great visitor! Folks like you and I in our old homes are so blessed when folks drop by with the real history. People who build new houses have no idea how rich we are
Deborah Niemann said…
What a great story! I so wanted an old house. Unfortunately we never found a house we liked on the property we liked, so we have a new house. :(

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