Fried ...............

OK ... I am so mentally and physically fried, I can not put two sentences together to form a paragraph.  So I am simply going to post some pics .. and let it go at that.

Miss Eff's will close tomorrow (Friday 6/8) at noon and will be closed on Saturday.  I am heading to Springfield to speak at the Illinois Herb Fest.  (Truth in blogging ... its  because I get to  hang with my uber-cool friend!)

 So on to some new pics from the farm........


Silos and Smokestacks official sign


My beautiful parking sign :)



The girls!


I seem to be a little distracted.


Michelle said…
I love your signs!
Kelly said…
Ditto on the signs. And I am a lily fan, so the bright colors sucked me in too.
Mental and physical exhaustion...I'm with ya sister. I don't even remember my name this week.

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