It's my party!!!

Yep .... I am throwing a party for me!

Well ... my alter-ego.  It was 10 years ago that Miss Eff's opened to .... absolutely no fan-fare.


We just quietly tried to sell flowers on a gravel road that supposedly no one would ever drive on to pick flowers.

We sold little bouquets.... passed out lemonade and chocolate chip cookies.

And we were grateful for each and everyone that made that trip down that gravel road.


And we still are.

We had no places to sit.  No support for the flowers.  Just a little weedy patch of flowers with straw paths......

But we had hope that maybe ... just maybe .... you would like the blue sky, fluffy clouds and the noisy roosters.

Photo courtesy of Dandylion Pies

And ....... at the end of that year......... I showed a profit.


Since that time ... there have probably been far more losses than profits as we have tried to grow and grow and grow.  That little 20'x20' patch of flowers has grown to almost an acre of cut flower gardens.

Photo courtesy of Dandylion Pies

There are corn-zebos, and Summer Kitchens and patios that look like quilts.  And my dream of a garden full of pretty flowers has come true.

Photo courtesy of Dandylion Pies

So it is time for a party .......

Like the little garden I started, this will be low key.  But please come out .... cut a bouquet .... have a cupcake before the icing melts off!!!

Sunday ... June 24th ... 1-3.  Its Miss Eff's  party and she would like you to be there.  :)


Barb said…
I'll be there in my mind and my heart. Have a cupcake for me. Congratulations on 10years.....where did that time go???
Michelle said…
Oh that I could!
Dan Mays said…
I just hope that Leslie Gore doesn't ruin things.
Anonymous said…
Miss Effie said…
Dan ... if those flowers of mine don't bloom, I may cry if I want to!!!
Dan Mays said…
Lets invite these guys.
Ginny said…
I will be there in spirit toasting my lemonade to you and another 10 years!!

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