In 30 days, the month of June goes from the richest shade of green to these fireworks of color.  And ... although these are not blooming at the moment.... I just had to post some of the joy to come.

These pictures were taken by my interns Ashley and  Sonya last year.  Ashley has graduated and gone on to do amazing things.  Sonya is back but not as an intern.  Sonya is my sounding board ... the out-of-the-box-thinker who pushes Honey and I to do more and be more.  She keeps me laughing ... keeps me working ... keeps me aspiring.

We all need a Sonya in our lives.

And next week, Kelly starts.  Kelly is a student at Augustana College and will be here for the summer.  Sonya and I are happy to have someone else join us on our weeding adventures!!!  


So for today,  I will be planting the Jewels of Opar that arrives yesterday.  

And I will send you this wish .................

Bee happy!


Sonya said…
Huge smiles and gratitude right back at you Miss Eff! I was just thinking this morning while I was consuming coffee and washing dishes that we accomplish so much more than planting or weeding, or making the Summer Kitchen shine - we contemplate life and share perspective, and we kick a** doing it! I feel more grounded because of our talks. Thanks a million!
Dan Mays said…

How about Pride & Joy?

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