Slowing to a crawl .....

The calender may say Spring but the thermometer definitely says Summer!

OK -- I realize it is only Spring for another day but wow!!!  it seems like it has been Summer for a long long time.

Now ... most of you have heard my tale about not having air conditioning. 

I am fine without it.  I don't like it.  I like the breeze blowing through the windows.  I like walking outside to feel the cool air. 

In fact, I was in a/c a week ago and was miserable.  My hot flashes had no reason for being but yet ...... there they were!!!

A/C makes me lazy.  Why would I walk outside to weed when there is lovely cool breeze inside???

But today ..... I kind of want to change my tune.  Sort of. 

Well ... not really.  Not to the point that I would open my checkbook to write a check for a/c or tear up the walls of the house.  Or ruin the look of my windows with a funky box hanging out of them!!!

So today .... I am finding cool weather activities.  Like shopping greenhouses for bargain plants and making jam.  And knitting with wool.

Wait ...... that doesn't sound "cool".

Let me open a beer and I'll try to think of something else to do.

I'll talk to you later.  :)


Barb said…
We don't have a/c either. I don't like it. Today at work (massage therapy) I actually turned on my little oil heater to warm up my room since the a/c cooled things down too much!! I love the windows to be open and the breezes as well. Hate blocking a window with an a/c unit.....are we twins??!!!!??!
Miss Effie said…
I am certain that we are!! ;)

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