This is not a sad tale ...........

This is a happy story of a very lucky woman that has some very incredible friends.

That woman would be me.

I've been talking (OK -- I've been telling anyone that would listen!!!) about celebrating 10 years here at Miss Eff's.

This is a big deal to me.

I know.  I know.  I know.  Its not a big deal in the business world.  Businesses last for decades ... even centuries.

But on this little farm in Iowa .... there lives a very insecure woman that listened to everyone who told her  that is a dumb idea.  And I believed it.  Sort of.  I heard the voice .... over and over and over again ... that said "No one will drive down a gravel road to pick flowers".

I planted the flowers.  And people did drive down that gravel road. But I still heard the voices that doubted me.

Finally, I walked away from the voices that didn't believe in my dream because I needed to surround myself with people that did.   I needed to believe in it.  It was hard.  And I was lonely.

But not for long.

In the last few years ... I have met women that have become my sisters.  We call ourselves "Sisters of the Soil" ..... farm women that knit, quilt, crochet, and embroider.  We have sheep, goats and chickens.  We can jam, peaches and green beans.  We are all different .... but we are so much alike. 

Some live in Iowa.  And some live in Illinois.  And some, live in Wisconsin and Arizona.  But our hearts are stitched together.

So yesterday .... as I was celebrating 10 years of flowerdom .... my sisters presented me with the most wonderful gift.  They had gotten together for weeks ... knitting and crocheting squares to join together. 

And they kept it a secret from me!!!!  I know!!!  Who knew Tamara could keep a secret that long?????  :)

Yes .... I had nothing to say.  I just cried.

This beautiful blanket was crocheted and knitted together by my friends.

And I LOVE it!!!!

Let me show you another picture ... you might be able to see it all.

Look at all the beautiful flowers!!

So thank you,  my sisters .... for your love, your faith, your friendship. You make my heart smile.

But next time you have a knitting day, can I come?????


knancy said…
What a beautiful surprise gift! Aren't they the best? You know they are from the heart especially when a GROUP does it!
I think, perhaps, they worry about you freezing while you blog!
Unknown said…
It made me cry to see your joy at the love of your friends! It's just stunning, just like you Miss Effie!!! Flower on!
Unknown said…
PS: Unknown at 10:08am was Ellen Reilly!!!
Sharon Wren said…
And some dingbats will fly down that gravel road to get Silkie chicks!
Beth said…
Congratulations to you. We don't nearly get out there as much as I want. And what beautiful friends to create such a lovely gift for an amazing woman. Love to you.
Ginny said…
OMG how sweet, tears to my eyes.
hotflawedmama said…
well deserved!!! Congrats!
Beautiful! What a special gift for a special lady! Congrats on a decade! Here's to many more!
Oh, that is absolutely gorgeous! See how special you are! You deserve such beautiful friends, because you are a one-of-a-kind lady! Hugs from "The Sisters"
Zan Asha said…
Awww...yay! This worked out. They invited me but I was so far away and have skills in crochet worth NADA!

Tamara CAN keep a secret! So glad it worked...many people love you Miss Eff--you really shouldn't doubt yourself, you are just too fabulous!!
Dan Mays said…
Isn't that the blanket that Cliff & I spilled beer on the other night?

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