Blooms, Tunes and Brews.............

So ....its been a little hot.

And its been a little dry.  :(

But we have been blessed with good friends ... a good well .... and flowers.

Lots and lots of flowers.


So it seemed like a good reason to throw a party.  (If you know me .... having a party always makes sense.  I have celebrated Grace Slick's birthday ... just because White Rabbit is one awesome song!!)

Thursday August 2, we are hosting Blooms, Tunes and Brews.  Just an evening party where you can enjoy the garden, home-grown music and local beer.

Music is being provided by the uber-talented Jenn Swift and Andrew Vickers.  Acoustic music and Jenn's fabulous voice will fill the gardens.

Bent River Pale Ale is the featured beverage.  We will have water available but if you would like soda, lemonade etc .... please feel free to bring it along.

There is a $5 gate charge and we ask that you get a sitter for the kids and the dogs.

This is quiet evening for you. 

Bring your lawn chairs and a picnic lunch to enjoy. Relax and enjoy the Iowa landscape.

The gate (Whoa!! That sounds ... almost official!!)  opens at 6:30.  Music starts at 7.  And the employees and staff at Miss Eff's will turn into pumpkins at 9:30.  (OK -- that's the time my pre-bedtime nap sets in!!)

Drop us a note ... to RSVP. Love to have you join us!


Susan said…
Hi Cathy!! I talked Pat into coming so we will be there on Thursday night. By the way I started a blog today and my first post I talk about our trip out to your place on Friday. My mom and I really enjoyed our visit with you.

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